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Creative Uses Of Water Beads

Updated on September 11, 2017
Water beads in a variety of colors.
Water beads in a variety of colors.

Looks like caviar isn't it?!

But no, it wasn't caviar. These are the water beads or crystals beads and you can make fun times with it with your kids. I even like them myself. I had stumbled on it somewhere online and I thought "these are cute and colorful," but didn't really got my hands into them until I saw it on Walmart and I remember seeing them online so I bought some to experiment with.

These water beads are soft, cold to touch, and comes in a variety of colors. I use water beads as decorations to our living room, restroom, and even on the bedroom area, easy to use.

Just soak the water beads on water for few hours or until they come to their full size. Drain the water and you got your water beads ready. You can experiment with different colors or just stick to one specific color of your choice.

Here are some ideas on how you can use and have fun with these water beads too. Could be a great time to spend some family bonding with kids while adding color and design to your home.

Water beads and plants.

Water beads could be great with plants. It is non toxic, pollution free and rich in nitrogen and nutrients. Get rid of the rotten roots and clean the roots of your chosen indoor plant. Put water beads (crystal beads) into a vase, about half of the base and put the plant in it. Then add more beads. Lift the plant slightly to smooth the roots.

These indoor plants can be great to add life into your living room or whenever area you want it. Just remember to not put the plant into the sunlight because this will drain the water beads.

I had tried this myself and it is fun seeing the roots grow. I can clearly see the roots growing specially when I re-soak the beads. The roots also does pokes through the beads. I had read water beads should be re-soak and rinse at least once a week, but I do mine whenever I noticed my beads need some re-soaking.


Water beads as decorations. This is how I mostly used my water beads. I would soak them and just stuff a glass with just one color, although sometimes I experiment and makes some layers with different colors.

You could also lay a fresh flower, a plastic one on top or sea shells to add some style.

Water beads and candles.

Fun time.

Water beads looks good too with tealight candles. I've also seen some some "floating effects," which is done by half filling the glass with water so the beads are transparent. And to make a real floating candle effect, white crystal beads or water beads works great with this.

Just a reminder to be aware of lighted candles unattended. Or you could just choose to set a candle on top as decorations and never light it.

See the yellow eyes and mouth?!

Yeah, I should have used a much lighter color instead of blue for the mouth area.

Anyway, this is just to show the idea for kids! Kids can have fun with the water beads by creating images or shape with different colored beads. And when I mean kids, I am referring to much older kids which can understand that water beads aren't food. Younger kids can have fun activities with water beads too but we all know it that even when we say "it's not food," they would still swallow it in just a snap of a second when we are less aware of it.



This is just so relaxing and cooling!

Each bead is water-packed and they can be good for relaxation too. This would be a nice way of cooling during the hot days of Summer.

For foot relaxation, you would need much more water beads and a basin to soak your foot.


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