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Funny faces (and feet, and more, etc.)

Updated on June 14, 2013
This is one of the photos to be manipulated and shown below. Nothing to get excited about, folks. Move along.
This is one of the photos to be manipulated and shown below. Nothing to get excited about, folks. Move along. | Source

Being a dedicated Redneck and all of the rest that goes with being a learned practitioner of the art and science of rednecking, I like having a good time of it. That remains the system to be used in handling this Internet stuff. There's a lot of writing to do, and writing is the long way of painting pictures. For that reason, I am quite partial to the use of images to illustrate stuff that is here to be said.

I had to replace a broken DVD-writer-gadget that was uselessly hanging around close to the top part of the computer used here to write one thing or another and to illustrate them pictorially with suitable images. Some of those images are photos that I make using some very simple (and ancient) cameras, and some are fine photographs produced by real photographers and made available for me to download from the Internet.

Yesterday I visited a great big computer store to see about a replacement CD-writer. They sold one to me that fit my allowance; that is, super cheap. Did that bring me to a state of rapture and joy? No. I was in the middle of gadget heaven, and all I had left with me was four bucks. That's not joy. It is as close to terminal depression (no pun there, folks...) as a good Redneck can get.

I almost did not see the “dump-these-on-unsuspecting-customers” shelf due to tear-distorted vision, but there, out of the haze and smear, appeared a big boxful of envelope-wrapped CD's, all nicely labeled and priced to still be within my allowance limit. I found one that appeared to possibly be interesting. It said that inside the envelope was a photo editing program named “FotoMorph” The label explained that the CD-embedded software was free – no charge for that. There was a $2.99 price tag for the disc due to the expense and intended profit from making, packaging, and selling the CD to Rednecks like me. Fair enough. People have to earn their way through life, don't they?

I activated the FotoMorph program today so as to see what it was all about. There were some samples included, one of which showed a youngster morphing into an adult, and when the morph was completed, the adult winked one eye at me. Hey, this seemed to be a pretty good deal for a couple of bucks. Then I noticed one of the tabs with the words, “Distort Image” on it. So I whacked that tab and up came an image plus a cursor-pointer finger deal. I moved that finger around the image here and there, mostly because the computer was still functioning and because the finger was there on the screen, sort of beckoning to me. The image pulled out of shape when I moved the finger over some part of the image.

I get it., I thought out loud, “I can put some of my own photos in here and play around with them.

That's what I did. Below are some of the distorted images. I thought the results to be worthy of a nice smile from me. Perhaps you will enjoy them, too. If you want a copy of the “FotoMorph” program, you can download the software from its makers at (note the uppercase/lowercase letter mix). Have some fun with the stuff, and be happy that you will have saved your own $2.99 even if you are not going to spare your own sanity.

Our BEST kicker - but you should see what he can do with his HEADERS...
Our BEST kicker - but you should see what he can do with his HEADERS...
"I tend to walk in circles - don't know why..."
"I tend to walk in circles - don't know why..." | Source
Home field advantage...
Home field advantage...
What I look like when I'm having fun
What I look like when I'm having fun

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