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Gel Candle Embed Tips

Updated on January 28, 2011

Make Your Candle POP With Embeds.

Gel Candle Embeds are a great way to make an ordinary Gel candle POP!
It grabs people's eyes when they see it. If it is someone who has never seen a gel candle before, they will ask alot of questions.
This works extemly well in your favor if you are selling them at a craft fair.
I used to sell at craft fairs from the first of September to the end of December.
And it was almost a garuntee that about 80% of the people that never seen a gel candle before would end up making a purchase.

Wax Gel Candle Embeds

 Did you know that you can use paraffin wax as an embed for your gel candle?
You can find many different soap molds or even candy molds at your local craft store.
Simply heat up a chunk of paraffin wax until it is fully melted. Add dye to color if you want. Pour the melted wax into the mold of your choice, Then let set.
Once the wax is cooled off and solidified, you can pop them out of there molds and use then for you gel candle embeds.
 Please make sure you use care while handling the hot melted parrifin wax.
Also be sure not to put the melted Gel directly onto the parrifin wax embed.


Reusing Gel Candle Embeds

Can you reuse an embed from a used gel candle.
The answer is yes...and no.
It all depends on the shape and condition of the embed.
It also depends on if your going to be using it in a new candle with the same scent as the old one.
If the embed is a parrifin wax mold, then more likely then not that embed won't be reusable. More often then not the wax embed will have melted completely away or partially.

If the embed is resin or porcelain or some other type of figurine. Make sure you inspect the embed thoroughly for heat cracks or damages. If the embed passes inspection wash the embed with hot water and set it aside for future use.
Blown Glass embeds are generally always good for reuse. Simply wash them well.
Sea shells are generally not acceptable to reuse in a gel candle unless the new candle is the same scent as the old candle they came out off. Reason being, the shells will generally absorb the scent of the candle it was in.


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    • profile image

      jeanette6801 6 years ago

      Thank you!! I have been looking for tips on embeds with no luck until now. I am new at making gel candles and want to make them as well as I can. So thank you so much for writing this hub. I have not made one yet. But with this information I am well on my way!!!!!!!!

      Thanks, Jeannie

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 7 years ago

      Candles are always a welcome sight for me. Thanks for providing more information to me about them.