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Genius tablet Mouse Pen i608 (Review)

Updated on June 9, 2011

There is an undisputed leader in the graphics tablet’s market known as Wacom, but for some time now a smaller company (Genius) tries to compete with it in the old David-vs-goliath match, where the customer is always the winner. Genius, with their cheaper offerings, tries to take away some of the thunder from the Wacom by bringing a good product into their graphic tablet repertoire, the model which I am referring to is the i608 which after a couple of years of intense use is still serving me well and its response is as good as when I first opened the packaging in which it came.

As a graphic designer and illustrator, I need to create images in an ever increasing speed and the old fashioned mouse is, literally, just a pain in my behind (due to prolonged sessions where I have to sit for hours) and also a pain in my hand. But that is no longer the case, since I bought the Genius’s graphic tablet. The i608 model is 6’ x 8” big, which might not seem like much, but believe me it is more than enough. Of course the actual size of the tablet is 1 and a half inches bigger on all sides but that is going to keep your hand in a more natural position. There are some squares drawn the working area of the tablet which you can use as shortcuts for any application you desire. The pen has a pressure sensitivity of more than 1000 levels, good for use with software such a Photoshop which has an option called pen pressure. By using this option the pen will recreate the pressure exerted on it in a digital canvas. The more sensitivity the better, and 1000 is more than enough.

I am a pro graphic designer who has created every single kind of image that the Wacom artists have, but with the less expensive genius tablet. This is good for simple image editing, but also good for digital drawing or painting which is what the Wacom guys are known for. I bought this tablet two years ago, when they introduce this model (i608) and I paid for it less than 50 dollars including shipping, one of the best buys I have ever made. It has certainly been an investment that has returned to me its worth many times over.

Of course there are some things which are not up to par. mainly the use of batteries to power the pen. All Wacom tablets use especial, patented technology that allows the pen to work without the need for batteries, I don't think they are about to share that tech with the competition any time soon. On the other hand, you get accustomed to the weight, and the feel of the pen very fast. it all feels as if you are drawing with a pencil on paper. Also, it is worthy to mention that the first pen that came with the tablet stopped working after about a couple of months, but I contacted customer service and they send me a new one almost after I clicked the send button in the their contact us page, it was crazy fast. This pen has been working none stop for 2 years now.

Overall, This is a year tablet for beginner and pro alike, and a lot less expensive than the well known brand, you can not go wrong with this, and once you have made enough from your digital art you can trade up to those Wacom tablets where you draw in the actual screen.


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