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Gesso in Mixed Media Art

Updated on November 28, 2012

If you are just starting out in mixed media art, one of the products that you MUST buy is gesso. We do our very best to buy as little as possible and try to create our art with what we already have around us but gesso is the ONE thing I definitely recommend worth investing in.

Gesso is a chalk based paint with many uses. It is used by artists to create a good foundation for painting on. But over the years, mixed media artists have found many other uses and we love to showcase the many uses our talented artists have discovered. Gesso is available in art stores and in many online stores. It comes in many sizes, so start by buying a small jar so you can experiment with a minor outlay and explore to see what other things you can do with it!

As well as creating a good starting point for use in mixed media art journals and altered books, it can be used to create interesting designs that will then show through when covered with a layer of acrylic paint. There are also some amazing resistance techniques, where the paint can be added, then spray a few drops of water and wipe away excess paint with a piece of kitchen towel.

So I hope you can see there many uses for Gesso - so Happy Creating!!

Using gesso can create amazing backgrounds for your mixed media art
Using gesso can create amazing backgrounds for your mixed media art


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