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Sewing Gift Basket Ideas for Beginning Sewers--Bring Out the Seamstress in Someone!

Updated on May 7, 2013

Perfect Gift for Beginning Sewers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who has expressed an interest in sewing? Then a Sewing Gift Basket for beginners is a great option. By putting together one of these, you will be giving the the person everything they need to start sewing. One of the reasons many put off learning is because they may get overwhelmed when they walk into a fabric store--there are so many items in these places that a beginner wouldn't know where to start. So by taking care of this problem for them, you give them a head start to sewing!

Ideas for Sewing Gift Basket

The following are a list of suggestions to put into a sewing gift basket--obviously, you can choose as few or as many as you wish, but these are the most basic items every seamstress needs:

Needles--Get a pack of various sizes

Thread--You can buy these separately, as many colors as you'd like, but at least get the basic colors of white, black, tan, and gray.

Straight pins--These are a must for sewers

Pincushion--These aren't absolutely necessary, but it's much more convenient to have your straight pins stuck in for easier access to them.

Scissors--A small pair for snipping threads, and a large pair for cutting fabric

Seam Ripper--I consider this an essential item, because if you need to rip out a seam, these are the most effective way to do it, without damaging the fabric.

Cloth measuring tape--Another must have for getting accurate measurements.

Thimble--This isn't absolutely necessary, some sewers like these, but others don't--it's an individual choice.

Needle Threader--Another item that isn't essential, but is handy when threading needles.

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Additional Ideas

After you add the basics, you may want to consider adding a few other items that they'll appreciate:

Pattern--Buy a simple, easy to sew pattern to get them started. It could be a small little craft object, such as pot holders, or a tote bag, or something similar.

Fabric--Buy some fabric that they can use with that pattern, or for something else, if they prefer.

Rotary Cutter--These are wonderful for getting clean straight cuts on fabric, and very handy if cutting a lot of small pieces, such as for quilts.

Rulers--There are a wide assortment of sewing specific rulers for measuring and cutting, but a simple straight one to start is fine.

Rotary Cutter Mat--Obviously, this wouldn't fit into a gift basket, as they are large, but if they use a rotary cutter, they do need to use a rotary cutter mat.


What To Use for the Gift Basket Itself

After you get everything you want to include in the basket, you will need something to put these in. You can use an ordinary basket of some sort, but consider getting a sewing basket so they can just keep all your gifts in the container it came in. There are many different styles, sizes, and prices, but to start with, they wouldn't have to have one of the fancier, expensive versions. A small wicker basket with a lid is another option--I have two rectangular shaped ones that I keep sewing items in, and I love them. They look pretty, and keep stuff hidden away while not in use.

So, these items should get them started, and they will be thrilled that you took the time to put this sewing gift basket together for them. If they have the even the slightest itch to sew, then they will dive right into these and get started--all those brand new sewing items will definitely inspire them. And before long, they will be wanting to try more and more sewing items for harder projects, so another gift basket can be put together later with more advanced skill items!


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    • TamCor profile image

      Tammy Cornett 5 years ago from Ohio

      I love the mason jar idea--what an unusual but charming gift it would make!

      I have two old wicker sewing baskets, and they are both stuffed full, lol. I hope you find yours someday. :)

    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      I inherited my Aunt Sally's wicker sewing basket. I don't know what happened to it. I've moved a lot. Today I found a post on Martha Stewart's site where she has put together small sewing kits using Mason jars. They were pretty and you could see exactly what you have inside the jar. I thought it was a terrific, simple idea.

    • TamCor profile image

      Tammy Cornett 6 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you MT! I did think about sewing machine needles, but figured that I would just start with the basics, so they could hand sew if they preferred, which I LOVE to do!

      Darn--I forgot all about the chocolate, lol! :)

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 6 years ago from USA

      This is a great list of must-have sewing items. This list is spot-on. I can't think of anything else I would have to add, except maybe chocolate. :) Needles for the sewing machine would be the only thing, but if they have a sewing machine, the needle that came with the machine is probably still sharp!

    • TamCor profile image

      Tammy Cornett 6 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you, Lady_E!

      I know that when I was a beginner, I would have loved getting a gift like this! :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      This is lovely and would make a beautiful, unique gift. Very creative and thoughtful. :)

    • TamCor profile image

      Tammy Cornett 6 years ago from Ohio

      jacqui2011--Thanks for your comment! I thought that this would make a great gift for someone who has the urge to learn, but has no idea what basic items they need to start. I hope you give it a try, too--sewing can be so rewarding...and relaxing, too, at the end of a stressful day! :)

    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Very interesting hub. I love crafting and making things. My friend recently set up a shop on etsy by selling some clothes peg bags, which are doing really well. I would love to give sewing a go. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and useful.