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Gift Crochet - Free Crochet Patterns for Children’s Toys

Updated on November 18, 2012
CROCHETED DOLL WEARING BLUE by Jprescott A crocheted doll toy with blonde hair wearing a blue suit with a hood.
CROCHETED DOLL WEARING BLUE by Jprescott A crocheted doll toy with blonde hair wearing a blue suit with a hood. | Source

crochet toy patterns

Crocheting gifts is always rewarding, but crocheting toys as gifts for children is special. Crocheters always crochet love into their stitches, whatever they are making, however, a child’s crochet gift always receives a little extra love, crocheted into each stitch. Whether your gift is for a young friend or relative or a charitable gift for a child you will never know, it is sure to please. In difficult times, crocheters like anyone else must economize, and there are imaginative, unusual and delightful free crochet patterns available on the internet.

When crocheting toys, or anything else, for children or babies, you should consider safety and practicality.

Speciality and fluffy yarns shed fibres, which can block children’s tiny noses and wind pipes. Some speciality yarns quote on the label that they are unsuitable for baby or children’s items, but others do not. To be on the safe side, especially with babies it might be wise to choose yarn recommended for babies. Always choose safe stuffing, buy from a reputable yarn or craft store, where the assistant can advise you as to the safest filling for your toy. Facial features on children or babies’ toys should be impossible to remove, or embroidered.

Parents bless crocheters, who choose machine washable yarn and stuffing, when making toys for their child. It means that, when unsteady attempts to share orange juice with teddy or dolly go awry, parents can quietly put the toy in the washing machine overnight and restore its pristine glory.

Large free crochet pattern directory web sites make searching for free crochet patterns that little bit easier by grouping links to free patterns in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a comprehensive, easily navigable crochet-pattern directory site, which has links to free patterns all over the internet. CPC links to innovative free toy patterns for children and babies. The mini stuffed airplane could provide a welcome diversion for a bored toddler, or you could make several and create a mobile for a baby’s nursery. Do not miss the link to the biplane pattern, apart from the pattern, the designer tells how she gathered patterns for three other plane types and made a special mobile, a brilliant gift idea. There are puppets, rocket ships, the Starship Enterprise, dolls, sock monkeys, crocheted games, and much more at CPC, and crocheters will enjoy browsing through the many links here. Do not miss the accessories for dressing up.

It can be very hard to find that unusual special toy for children with particular interests. For a very innovative toy, check out The Barn Yard Gang. The free pattern features a crocheted Farmer, with his horse, pig, cow and chicken, which all fit into the crocheted barn, which doubles as a bag to keep and carry them all in. Children interested in all things Space-related would enjoy a crocheted rocket ship complete with astronauts and aliens. Either set would stimulate imaginative play, which is so important for children.

Other web sites also host free crochet patterns. Free vintage crochet hold many free crochet toy patterns, including farm animals, rattles, balls, a beautiful elephant, even a duck large enough for a child to sit on, and so much more. The Free Amigurumi blog spot has a lovely range of crochet-Amigurumi patterns for different animals and dolls. The Great Amigurumi Blog Spot has 1500 free Amigurumi patterns, which feature everything from aliens to Winnie the Pooh, including characters from children’s television and computer games. Crocheters will find all sorts of delights at A Crochet Toy Chest. The site has a large variety of doll patterns including Dr. Who, Rose Tyler, a scarecrow, a skater, and a female pirate. Do not miss the Captain Andrew Rag Doll and the Nun Doll.

Enfys at Rainbow Valley has some imaginative free crochet toy patterns on her site. The Humpty Dumpty and Rainbow Caterpillar could be excellent scrap yarn projects and worthwhile toys. The Apple Crayon Pot is a delightful way to keep crayons and pencils tidy. Do not miss the heart, star and exclamation mobiles. These patterns useUnited Kingdomcrochet terms unless otherwise stated.

Ravelry is a large vibrant on line crochet community, which allows members access to free crochet patterns. Registering an e-mail address gives crocheter access to the community. There are more than 3,500 free crochet toy patterns on Ravelry. These include a menagerie of animals, dolls, dolls’ clothes, and dressing up items, daleks, mobiles, balls, book and children’s television characters, an amigurumi alphabet, puppets, rattles, baby toys, vehicles and so much more. The Penguin Bowling Set would make a super game to play indoors. Any little girl would adore the Little Ice Cream Purse. Boys would like the many dinosaurs, the crocheted chain saw, firefighter’s hat, and the various crocheted vehicles.

There are some wonderful, imaginative, free crochet toy patterns on the internet. Whether you want to make a gift for a young friend, relative or a children’s charity, there are so many attractive free patterns you are sure to find one to suit your needs. Free crochet toy patterns mean that crocheters can make gifts, which will delight a child, without breaking the bank. Children love colourful crocheted gifts at Christmas, Easter, birthdays or just because you felt like making it. Make a crochet toy today, gladden your heart, and delight a child, what could be better?


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  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Dear Wendy

    That is just a photograph from a photograph site that I use. I am sorry I do not know where you can find the pattern. sorry not to be able to help you

  • profile image

    wendy52 5 years ago

    hi , i've been going around in circles i finally found the pattern i have been looking for and no matter what i do i can not down load it its the blond haired baby in the hooded outfit. If you can help i'd greatly appreciate it

  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    thank-you so much for your comment Jenny-1

  • Jenny-1 profile image

    Jenny Paul 5 years ago

    Awesome craft work.