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Great 365 Projects Online

Updated on November 8, 2017
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Five Great 365 Project Sites

Do you ever want to "escape" from the office for a few minutes by looking at beautiful photography but don't know where to start? Want to see the world through someone else's eyes for a change? Then you need to bookmark some 365 projects!

A 365 Project challenges photographers to shoot at least one picture a day for a year. It can be anything from a person's face changing over the year to items the person sees as he / she goes through daily life. Some photographers choose to stick with a color, a camera, a lens. Others simply shoot whatever they are inspired to shoot. Today, you can find several of these challenges online with various photographic styles.

The following are some of my favorites that I would like to share with you. (By right clicking on the name of the photographer, you can select "Open Link in a New Tab" and come back here to review the next photographer when you are done looking at the photos.) I hope you enjoy the next few hours and find some inspiration!

365 by Jeremy

Jeremy Fulton's 366 challenge (since we are in a leap year) has not left me disappointed yet. I am amazed by his ability to continually find subjects despite his obviously busy schedule. From everyday items to strong visual statements, he has been able to capture my curiosity and keep me wanting to come back to see the next photo. His pictures show his ability to learn new techniques, accept feedback from other photographers and artists, and continually grow in his ability to see the world as beauty. I look forward to seeing these prints in a coffee table book one day.

Jeremy provides commentary on each photo. Whether it is what he was feeling, trying to do, or a random quote, he provides you with background for what you are about to see. The commentary causes you to feel as though you are speaking with him while looking through a photo album instead of just perusing someone else's pictures. It is as though he has invited you in for coffee (or water) and is sharing his memories with you instead of you invading his space, as other projects sometimes seem. Because of this, Jeremy's blog is my favorite project to visit.

G+ 365 Project

One can't go wrong by using one place to see MANY photos! Here on this Google Plus group, you get a taste of photographers worldwide with varying levels of expertise. This is one of my can't miss weekly online weaknesses, as some of these photographers have coffee table books out that I am fighting the urge to buy right now because I don't have enough room for all of them and can't decide which ones to buy! (I should provide a warning here: You will find yourself lost in time and can possibly lose several hours of your day when you enter this site. You can definitely find yourself looking at photo after photo, visiting photographer's individual profiles, and losing yourself in the beauty of the world through so many eyes.) Every photographer has his/her own style and the projects are showing great development. Sometimes I am blown away by the pure beauty and creativity of some of the photos.

Some of the photographers provide notes about the photo. Others simply post the photo. If you have not been on Google Plus yet, this is a wonderful way to be introduced. As with the blog projects, you can comment on the photos and follow the photographer.

Evan Ludes aka BillyunderscoreBWA

Mostly focusing on nature, Evan provides a youthful look at the world. I can get lost looking at his photos for a while because I also envision them in a book (he does have a calendar and option to buy prints!). He has some amazing nature shots that appear to be taken by a seasoned photographer, but has only been taking pictures for a few years. His use of light, lines, and color are great.

Evan provides short commentary under each of his photos. It is conversational, invites you into his world, and shares how he was feeling. I enjoy it because it invites you to enjoy the photos and understand what he was thinking when he took them. As with Jeremy's, Evan collection and accompanying commentary allow you to feel as though you are a friend looking at photo's versus someone sneaking a peek at someone else's private collection.

See A Video of A 365 Project from 2011


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