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Great Homemade Gift Ideas

Updated on January 28, 2014

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, valentines, graduation, mother’s or father’s day, or a 50th birthday celebration everyone loves a good homemade gift. Not only do people love to receive homemade gifts because it shows a level of caring other gifts fall short of, but people love to give homemade gifts as well because they are usually very cheap to make! My favorite thing to do on Christmas was mass produce one of these great ideas and give one to each person I needed to get something for. This saved me a ton of money every year and put smiles on the faces of my friends and family when they found out I took the time to make their gift. Here are nine ideas for great homemade gifts!

1. Homemade bread: It’s not too hard to look up some pretty wonderful recipes online for some easy to make bread that can be pretty to look at also! You can make cinnamon raisin swirl, garlic sourdough, pumpkin or countless others.

2. Napkins: If you have a sewing machine you can go to your local fabric store and buy fabric by the yard, come home and cut it to size (usually 18”x18” so you have enough material for a boarder) , and sew a boarder on each napkin. Then you’re done! Remember if you want to make someone a set of napkins there is traditionally six napkins per set. For material, linens or a cotton blend usually works best.

3. Spiced nuts: You can go to your local food store and buy some basic nuts (almonds and pecans work great), buy some spices and oils and make some of your own fine nuts. You can then bag them up in some nice plastic bags you can find at your local craft store, tie them up with a ribbon, put a label on them and you’re set! This is great for the holidays as nuts and Christmas just seems to go together.

Holiday bread
Holiday bread

4. Candies: There are countless candy recipes online, such as fudge, brittle, hard candy, chocolate bark, etc. These recipes are easy to find online and you can make these candies in your own style with things found in your local grocery store.

5. Bath salts: You mix quality salts with different herbs, essential oils, and various plant ingredients to create therapeutic and sweet smelling soaking bath salts. This is great because of the countless different combinations of bath salts you can do makes this gift truly one of your own!

6. Infused cooking oils: Take olive oil and infuse it with different herbs such as lavender, rosemary, garlic, sage, chili pepper etc. You’ll come up with your own unique cooking oil that is sure to add great flavors to any meal made with it. There are easy to find step by step instructions for doing this online as well. When you are done you can go to your local craft store, buy some nice corked glass bottles of any style you wish and some labels and bottle it up, ready to be given as a great gift!

7. Candles: Go to your local craft store and buy some glass containers of any shape or style, some wicks, any charms or decorations you want to put in the wax candle, maybe some essential oils to add a wonderful smelling scent, and you are ready to make candles! This is easy to do at home with these items and your stove at home. You can also buy some labels to make it a great personalized gift.

8. Ornaments: This is a classic Christmas gift and the great thing is you can make ornaments of Christmas trees out of just about anything. You can make them out of clay, wire, painted metal, fabric, glass etc. Countless combinations can be done and it’s great for a family gift.

9. Bulbs: Buy some bulbs from a plant nursery, a pretty ceramic pot, some dirt and plant the bulbs! Wait until the bulbs are just sprouting up above the dirt before you give them as gifts. The great thing here is that people love getting plants especially one that you got growing yourself just for them!

There are countless other great homemade gift ideas I am sure you can come up with and you’ll end up spending far less giving these types of gifts than if you were to go out and buy something from your local electronics shop. It’ll also be more satisfying and thoughtful as well. Get creative and remember the packaging and labeling of what you make can add the final touch to a great homemade gift.


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