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Green Building - Canakkale Museum, Turkey

Updated on July 2, 2014
Museum Of Troy, Canakkale, Turkey
Museum Of Troy, Canakkale, Turkey

The lovely Helen of Troy whose "face launched a thousand ships" comes to mind when one is in Turkey. The rich history and culture of that bygone era when Helen lived has been recreated in the beautiful Museum of Troy at ÇCanakkale in Turkey. This article focuses on the architectural highlights of the museum.

Environmentally Friendly Cannakkale Museum, Turkey
Environmentally Friendly Cannakkale Museum, Turkey
Priam's Treasure - The Jewels Of Helen Of Troy - Canakkale Museum, Turkey
Priam's Treasure - The Jewels Of Helen Of Troy - Canakkale Museum, Turkey | Source

Feels Like an Archeological Site

The massive building stands in an area which simulates an archeological site. Visitors enter the building through a grove of olive trees and can already feel the magical atmosphere of this legendary place envelop them.

A "Green" Building

Designed by the atelier RTA-Office, led by Santiago Parramón in collaboration with the Turkish atelier DOME Partners (Istanbul), the museum not only adds to the ambience of the ruins of Troy, it also stands as a magnificent piece of architecture in its own right. What's more, it's a "green" building, which will provide an energy saving of 70%. Wood has been specially chosen for the building because of its zero carbon dioxide emissions and its elegant appearance, its natural feel and comfort. .

The designers aim for the certification of LEED™ – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design from the Green Building Council (WorldGBC), New York.

Harmonious Architecture

The structure harmonises with the landscape. Its sinuous lines are reminiscent of the ruins of Troy. There is a feeling of great space. The skin of the building lets in the maximum amount of natural light. Convex surfaces meet concave ones, curves are abundant and intersections many. It's a poetic form, inspired probably by the works of the artist Boccioni.

Green Building Canakkale Museum of Troy Turkey
Green Building Canakkale Museum of Troy Turkey | Source

A Walk Through the Museum of Troy

At the entrance, visitors walk beneath a grand wooden “umbrella” and find a vast, open interior as though the sky continues within. One accesses the bar-buffet and children's play area from here. A ramp leads to the exhibition areas. The archaeological research zone at the end lies at a lower level excavated from the ground. Here visitors can see the actual research on excavated pieces in progress.

The restaurant is a place of beauty with its huge terrace which overlooks a large body of water in which are reflected the olive groves and the recreation areas. After traversing both the permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, the visitor discovers a bar and the auditorium. The foyer and the bar areas can be used for events and conferences.

An Environmentally Friendly Museum which Celebrates Troy

In fact, the aim of the RTA-Office and Dome Partners has been to create a design which encourages cultural activity and draws international attention to this civilization which had such a dramatic impact on the entire world.


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    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

      Hi anita, this is another place I would love to visit! I have never been to Turkey, I only get as far as Greece then stop! lol! but I love all museums and all that history is so fascinating!