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Updated on September 22, 2013

Innocent mistakes or hidden messages?

Leonardo Da Vinci: THE LAST SUPPER

The” Last Supper” is undeniable one of the masterpieces of the most representative “catholic” man of his century, Leonardo da Vinci. Not only was he a painter, an architect and a mechanist , he was also a mysticist. His fresco “Last Supper” where is situated in the chapel of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, constitutes a huge enigma for quite many years now for all the observers and art critics.You may wonder, “what exactly on that famous piece of art could possibly shock us?”. I can assure you,that the authentic artwork is not as innocent and holy as a random spectator may believe.

First of all, the precence of a hand holding a knife between the second triad of the apostles from left to the right, doesn’t seem to belong to anybody.We can’t help but wonder what the artist wanted to say with that strange bodyless add who is holding menacingly the knife in the capture of that holy and symbolic moment.

Secondly, it is really odd,the fact that the painter disobey those famous words in the Bible which are crucial and consist a trademark on capturing that holy moment between Jesus and his followers.Clearly,that very moment of the “Last Supper”is when Jesus reveals that one of them will betray him.We shall not forget though, that he also said “eat my flesh and drink my blood”in that significant last meeting.I am aware that at this point you are trying to understand what exactly I am trying to say here.Well, is actually really simple:THERE ISN’T ANY CUP OF WINE AT ALL ON THE TABLE!

Is it possible the monks of the chapel who lived there for so many years and were facing daily that fresco in their dining room never observe those little absurd details?


No wonder why Leonardo had to paint for the second time that specific theme for his client!In the prototype we can observe the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus , John the Baptist and an angel.You are possibly wondering”What’s the shocking part in that classic painting?”Well,I will indicate two small points.

First of all, I believe that t is eye-catching the fact that the huge rock behind the virgin has a specific shape.I am not trying to be insulting, but I am pretty sure that the person who made that order to Leonardo when he first saw the result of his demand, made him change his mind and cancel the order.Indeed, the rock seems like a giant penis behind the virgin!

Finally, there is that intriguing question..”Whichof the two babies is Jesus and which is John the Baptist”?Is that a silly question?Logically the Virgin holds little Jesus in her arms.That lead us to the thought that Jesus is the baby next to the Virgin.Well,that can’t possibly be true because the symbol which is holding the baby, clearly belongs to John the Baptist.If we admit that, we conclude that baby Jesus is the other child.”What is the problem AGAIN with that?” you may wonder right now.Oh, absolutely nothing if you consider that the Virgin’s hand is like a raptor above the baby and her gesture can be described more as threatening than caring!


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