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Halloween Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Updated on July 3, 2017

Paper plate crafts for Halloween are great fun for kids. These craft projects are inexpensive, easy, and entertaining for your you get some really great decorations for your home. So gather up the craft supplies you will need...on this page you will see one recurrent theme. Every craft involves paper plates. Paper plates are such a cheap material to use, they are super simple to find, and crayons or paint change the plain white plates into any color you need. The other supplies are the usual suspects in a craft supply basket...crayons, paint, markers, glue, googly eyes, string or yarn, scissors, tissue paper. Gather your extra buttons and scraps of fabrics too...I am sure you will be able to incorporate these special touches into the craft instructions below. Enjoy and Happy Halloween crafting!

Paper Plate Ghost – Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Find Easy Peasy by clicking on the top picture on this page
Find Easy Peasy by clicking on the top picture on this page | Source

I found the directions on how to make this paper plate ghost project at Easy Peasy and Fun. To see this tutorial just click on the picture of this fun craft up above.

To make this paper plate ghost you will need:

  • 1 Small Paper Plate
  • 1 Large Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • A Black Marker
  • Thread or Yarn

Paper Plate Crafts – Halloween Lantern


Your kids are going to love making their very own paper plate lanterns and Red Ted Art makes creating one simple. DIY lanterns are just the right decorating and craft project for Halloween.

To make your own Halloween paper plate lantern craft you will need:

  • Paper Plates - 2 for each lantern
  • Tracing Paper
  • Colored Tissue Paper
  • Cardboard - cereal boxes come in handy for this
  • Craft Glue
  • Tape
  • String or Yarn
  • A Stick or Dowel
  • Electric Tealights
  • Craft Paint

There are several steps involved when making this paper plate lantern project. Painting your paper plates is first, then comes some cutting and tracing. Then the decorating step begins, and I think this is the most fun part of this paper plate craft so far. More cutting, more decorating, and finally the assembly stage of the craft. You will almost be done with your Halloween lantern at this stage of the project. Simply read over the step by step directions, gather all the supplies you will need, and then follow the tutorial slowly and carefully. You are going to love the Halloween lantern you are going to make!

Halloween Crafts For Kids - Paper Plate Cupcake Liner Wreath


This adorable, DIY, Halloween wreath is so easy to make using some paper plates and cupcake liners as the main decorations. This is an inexpensive and fun craft kids will never tire of making. Be prepared to have lots of wreaths decorating your home this Halloween! Go to Fun A Day to find the how to make tutorial for this lovely wreath made with paper plates.

The materials you will need to make 1 wreath are:

  • Paper Plates
  • Tempera Paint In Halloween Colors
  • Orange & White Polka Dot Cupcake Liners - any Halloween theme will do
  • Permanent Black Markers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors

Cut out the center of the paper plate to turn it into a wreath. Paint the wreath the color you want it to be, as you can see in this case we used orange. As your painted wreath dries, have the kids decorate a cupcake liner with a pumpkin face - or some other Halloween design they like.

When the paint is dried, let the kids decorate their wreath. When the decorating is completed have each child write Happy Halloween on their wreath. Of course, some kids might like to write the word "Boo" or "Trick or Treat" on their wreath.

Other Fun Halloween Paper Plate Wreath Decorating Ideas

You can cut out cute Halloween pictures for the kids to glue onto their paper plate wreath. I found a few pictures and posted them to give you some ideas. I love, love, love the spider one!

Halloween Paper Plate Spider Wreath

A paper plate wreath and spider scrapbook paper would make this a super cute and easy Halloween paper plate craft project. Hang with some pretty ribbon and add some button spiders!
A paper plate wreath and spider scrapbook paper would make this a super cute and easy Halloween paper plate craft project. Hang with some pretty ribbon and add some button spiders! | Source

Which Paper Plate Craft Up Above Is Your Favorite Design?

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Candy Corn Pizza Craft - Don't Cut Your Plate If You Want A Wreath

  • Large Paper Plates
  • Small Paper Plates
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper
  • Craft Paint
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Craft Glue
  • String or Yarn

There's a list of the supplies you will need to present this fun Candy Corn paper plate project to your kids. This is an easy project for kids and it's fun....and its cheap too. In other words, it's the perfect Halloween craft project for you!

Color or paint your paper plate in candy corn colors. Make the center circle white, the middle circle orange, and the outer circle yellow. Once this plate has been colored (or painted), cut and glue colored tissue paper to the paper plate. Glue the yellow tissue on the yellow plate area, white tissue gets glued to the white paper plate area, and the orange tissue gets glued to the orange colored area of the plate. Let the glue dry completely and punch a hole in the top part of your tissue covered candy corn wreath to hang.

Now that's my take on this Candy Corn wreath, I think they had a different plan for this design on the site I found it. It was supposed to be a game...go see for yourself at Artsy Momma.

Paper Plate Handprint Spider and Web


I treasure my handprint art work I have received over the years from my kids. You will look down at these simple works of art one day, and relive some of the best times of your life. There is no more precious time in life than childhood...I know, I'm getting a bit corny, but it's true. Childhood is the most innocent of times. So make as many wonderful memories as you can...crafting with your kids is a simple and cheap way to do just that!

So...back to how to make these handprint spider paper will need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Craft Paint - black and other colors
  • Black Yarn
  • Scissors

Have the kids paint the paper plates using a couple light and festive holiday colors. You can see in the completed craft picture light green and yellow were chosen. Lighter colors help the black handprints stand out. When the plate and paint has completely dried, make your handprint spider.

Cover one hand in black paint and have your child press his or her hand firmly and steadily down on the paper plate. Next do the same thing with the other hand, make sure the palm is placed directly over the first hand mark. The palm prints are the body of the spider and the fingers are the spider's legs.

Poke holes at the edges of the plate and let the kids thread the yarn through them to create a web effect over the handprint spider. Save one of the punched holes for the hanger string so you can hang up this DIY Halloween paper plate spider decoration. For more information go to In The Playroom.

Paper Plate Witch Craft for Kids


The paper plate Witch craft uses more of those handprints that I love! To make this Halloween witch craft project you will need:

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Plate
  • Green Paint
  • Paper in Purple, Black, White, and Orange
  • A Black Sharpie Marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue

The paper plate gets painted green. Trace your child's hand print onto a piece of orange paper. Do this several times, you can see 4 handprints were used to make the witch pictured up above. Cut a witch hat shape out of the black paper and cut two circular pieces to be the eyes of the witch. Draw your own pupil in each eye with the Sharpie Marker.

Now for the assembly. When the green paint on the paper plate is dried you can begin to glue the orange handprint hair, the black paper witch hat, and the white eyes onto the green plate. Add a nose and mouth with your marker and you've got a Halloween paper plate witch to decorate your home with. Find more Halloween craft projects for kids at Crafty Morning.

Paper Plate Vampire Craft for Kids


Halloween Paper Plate Silhouette Crafts


All you will need is:

This easy Halloween paper plate craft uses:

  • Paper Plates
  • Construction Paper
  • Yellow Craft Paint
  • Orange Craft Paint
  • A Glue Stick
  • Scissors

Find some of the iconic Halloween symbols - a witch, a cat, a Jack O Lantern, a bat...trace them onto black construction paper and cut them out.

Paint your paper plates yellow and add some orange - Let the paint dry

Glue your Halloween cut outs to the plates.

DIY Witch Hat | Halloween Crafts for Kids | PBS Parents

Halloween Kids' Craft - How to Make a Paper Plate Spider


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