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Commercial Outlook of Handicraft Industry from India

Updated on April 24, 2017
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Deepika loves to read , write and explore about art and craft work of different areas.

Handicraft – “Crafted By Hand”

Handicraft – "Crafted By Hand" more precisely express as any unique, artistic and creative work made by Hand.

Handicraft represents the traditional, cultural and regional values and it depicts the heritage of any country. It is the symbol of creativity of local people of the country. It is the work which is done in the different parts of the country by locals across the years and passes over from generation to generation. Many great artisans and craftsmen are creating gems from their hands. These works are indigenous, artistic, creative, decorative with that today they become the style statements and leisure pursuit in any country.

Rajasthani Puppet Craft from India


Commercial aspects of Indian Handicraft

India is a sweet mixture of art, culture, tradition and religion and in this mixture, there is a myriad of art and craft work distinguished with social, economic and religious factors and these shades of uniqueness is shown in different regions of India with their religious differences.

India has a rich cultural heritage and India is blessed with great creative talent pool spread across all zones of the country touches the zenith of creativity. Whether there is terracotta and applique work in east or weaving work and pashmina shawls in north or wooden artistic handicrafts in north-east or high embroidery and textile work in the west. Different areas have unique crafts style.

India is one of major supplier and exporter of handicraft. It is the second largest Employment generating sectors after agriculture, one of the major productive sectors.

This sector is one of the decentralized sectors and highly labor intensive sectors. This is spread across all over the country and local people from all sections of the society whether there are men or women are engaged in this work.

Rich, middle class or poor from all class people are engaged in handicraft sector. Handicraft includes all types of work. These hand skills craftsmen and workers have also higher demands in foreign markets. These artisanal craftsmen get huge offers and good income in foreign markets.

History of Indian Handicraft

Handicraft works in India represent the legacy of Indian Tradition. Handicraft sector has been one of the leading sectors from ancient to modern India. From so many years different kinds of handicraft product are manufactured, marketed, supplied and exported to foreign countries and in local markets.

The popular products from Handicraft are artistic Metalware, terracotta, wooden art wares, embroideries, stone carvings, sculptures, shawls, woolen products and zari items.

The foretaste of art and craft are also depicted in different carvings of ancient historical caves, palaces, temples and other monuments. Like Palaces in Rajasthan, today also embrace their style symbol from these royal and classy handicraft items which attract thousands of tourists to visit and see their elegant handicraft products.

Metal Craft work from India


Handicraft Products from India

Different types of handicraft products which are popular in demand in Indian as well as in foreign market are as metal art wares , wooden art wares, embroidery works and crochet work, textile works, marble, stonework, shawls, sandalwood, silk works, terracotta and applique work, carpet weaving, woolen works and Imitation jewelry .

Region wise, Handicraft products manufactured, supplied or exported from India are as follows:

  • North – Carpet weaving, woolen and Pashmina shawl Industries
  • East – Wooden work, terracotta, metalwork and applique Industries
  • West- Embroidery and textile fabrics work, wooden, terracotta, imitation jewelry
  • South – Sandalwood, silk Industries

Famous Creater's Market From Banglore India


Handicraft Centres in India

Handicraft Categories
Handicraft Centers-India
Art Metal wares
Moradabad, Sambhal, Aligarh, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi, Rewari, Thanjavur, Madras
Saharanpur, Nagina, Hoshiarpur, Srinagar, Amritsar, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jagdalpur, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennapatna, Madras, Kerala & Behrampur (WB)
Hand printed Textiles and Scarves
Amroha, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Farrukhabad, Bagru & Sanganer
Embroidered Products
Kutch (Gujarat), Jaisalmer, Baroda, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Agra, Amritsar, Kullu, Dharmshala / Chamba & Srinagar
Marble & Stone Craft
Agra, Madras, Baster and Jodhpur
Terracotta & Applique
Assam(Dhubri) , Orissa ,Bihar ,West Bengal , Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh
Zari & Zari Goods
Surat , Agra , Amritsar , Varanasi
Paper Craft
Kashmir and Jaipur
Leather Goods
lndore, Kolhapur and Shanti Niketan (WB)
Imitation Jewelry
Delhi, Moradabad, Sambhal, Jaipur and Kohima (Tribal)

Handicraft Export in India

EPCH: EXPORT Promotion Council for Handicraft is a non-Profit organization with an objective to promote and increase the Handicraft Export in India. EPCH is the apex government body and operates under the administrative control of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. It is the council which self-finances all its promotional activities.

In India, the Handicraft sector is important for Indian Economy as it is one of the largest employment generating sectors and also provide an important share in country's export. Every year this sector increase about 20 lakh new job opportunities.

This not only increases country's export but also related to increase tourism sector and give a great share in country GDP.

Some major Facts of Export Data from EPCH are as follows:

  • Total export of handicrafts FROM India is expected to grow by 10% to US$ 3.5 billion in FY 2016-17
  • The total export of handicraft will nearly increase to US$ 3.8 billion by FY 2020-21

Indian Handicraft Industry is fragmented with more than 7 million regional artisans almost 67000 exported promoting regional art and craft in the local or domestic and global markets.

This sector crosses the 17000 crore market in 15-16 and expected to cross further up to 24000 crore market in 20-21. (AERB Study)

Key Destinations of Export

  • Top Destinations which are galvanized for Indian Handicraft are USA, UK, UAE, Germany, France, LAC, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, and Australia.
  • Indian Handicraft which is eye- catching for foreigners is Art Metalware (28.23%). Wooden Wares (9.52%), Hand printed Textiles & Scarves (8.54%), Embroidered & Crocheted Goods (11%).Shawls (4.76%) and Imitation Jewelry (15.9%)

Infographic - Export Analysis of Handicraft From India

Challenges in Handicraft Sector of India

Technology is changing and developing very fast and to survive in this changing environment we should also upgrade ourselves for balancing with this Technological world. Today Handicraft sector which creative and unique one also facing downfall due to lack of design, innovation, scarcity of raw materials and growing more competitions in the market.

However, becoming a tourist attraction spot, give chances to many new small and medium business to emerge and entrepreneurs to come forward, boost in the use of internet marketing and escalating the e-commerce in Handicraft Industry are some areas which help in rapidly intensifying the handicraft market in India.

Infographic- SWOT Analysis of Handicraft India

Future Aspects of Indian Handicraft

This sector is also very important as the low capital investment and high-value addition. In future this sector will have a boost in foreign trade and investment and business opportunities from both public and private sectors will be enhanced.

E-commerce industries and websites are another factor which will boost handicraft sector in upcoming days.

© 2017 Deepika ojha


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    • profile image

      Anonyms 7 weeks ago

      nice description

    • Deepika ojha profile image

      Deepika ojha 8 months ago from Rajasthan , India

      thanks sailung for reading this article

    • profile image

      sailung 8 months ago

      It is really informative about handicraft and its interconnection .

    • Deepika ojha profile image

      Deepika ojha 8 months ago from Rajasthan , India

      Thanks Ana for reading and appreciating my hub and yes Rajasthani puppet culture form India is very old but are captivating.

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 8 months ago from Miami Florida

      I like your puppets from India. If you place them in a plastic bag. Then, ship them from India to other countries. You will be rich. I like your hub. The puppets are perfect for Christmas ornaments. The art from India is great. Thank you for sharing your hub. I like your hub.

    • profile image

      Deepika ojha 9 months ago

      I have added commercial aspects of Indian handicrafts and export data 2015 - 2016 fiscal year into it.

    • Deepika ojha profile image

      Deepika ojha 9 months ago from Rajasthan , India

      This article is on the handicraft products from India. handicraft form India is very popular and splendid and famous in the world also.