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Handmade Dog Cards

Updated on October 1, 2014

Ideas for handmade cards for the dog-lover

I know that I am not alone in loving dogs. There's something so endearing about those big eyes and that wagging tail. Dogs have broad appeal in all age brackets. Many people would love to receive a card featuring a dog or puppy on the front, whether it's for a birthday, valentine's day, mother's day, father's day, or other occasion.

On this page I am including different methods for making your own dog greeting card, including iris folding, punch art, collage cards, and creative printable methods.

Printable Cards


Printable Dog / Puppy Cards

You can get some surprisingly stunning results when you make a card using the printer attached to your computer. Print out the sheet/s on photo paper to get a card with rich, deep colors. Just make sure you set your printer to print on the special paper. You don't want to just leave it on the "normal" setting.

After you print out the sheets, you cut out the elements and layer them with thick tape to get a three dimensional effect. You can add glitter, buttons, gems, bows and more to make your card truly unique.

Don't you just love those little Jack Russell terrier puppies on the right? I might be a little biased - they remind me of my own cute little terrier ;-)

Punch Art Cards

Punch art puppy dogs

Shaggy dog punch art

This lovable shaggy poodle is made up from different shapes, including ovals, scalloped circles, butterfly, small heart, and petals.

Flat out puppy punch art

This little puppy looks either sad or exhausted and would be just perfect for a get well wish or a miss you card. It is made from circles and an oval shape.

Funny dog with butterfly

This funny dog with his "arms" on his hips, is staring cross-eyed at a butterfly on his nose. He is made from circles, ovals, and heart shapes.

Sick as a dog

Dog with a thermometer in his mouth - made from circle, oval, label, and heart punches

Puppy with big ears

The video tutorial below shows how to make a puppy from circles and ovals. The instructions for the punch art start at just after one and a half minutes (1:30).

Dog Iris Folding Cards

Dog iris folded card created by my daughter
Dog iris folded card created by my daughter

The terrier pattern for the card on the right.

A basset hound

At the top of this page is a poodle and further down is a dachshund

A miniature schnauzer

Collage Cards

Collage Cards

You can buy special bits and pieces to make dog collage cards, or you can upcycle (reuse) pictures from magazines, advertising brochures, or old greeting cards. My mother is an expert at making collage cards, especially from recycled materials.

Watch this video showing one way you can put together a collage card out of different elements.

Here are some cute dog related embellishments

1 x Pack of 10 Novelty Craft Buttons, Dog Days, Dress it up, Button Fun, for Sewing, Scrapbooking, Embelishments, Crafts, Knitting,
1 x Pack of 10 Novelty Craft Buttons, Dog Days, Dress it up, Button Fun, for Sewing, Scrapbooking, Embelishments, Crafts, Knitting,

These sweet buttons, ranging in size from 1.3 to 3.2 cm have removable shanks on the back, so they can be used as buttons or mounted flat on a card.


Paper Quilt Cards

Paper quilt dog cards

Dog face pattern - use this pattern to cut out pieces from colored or patterned paper, then stick them as shown in the pattern to make the dog's face.

A scottie dog pattern you could use to make a paper quilt card.


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