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Here is the New and Best Advice on How to Make a Website For FREE

Updated on September 10, 2009

Here is the New and Best Advice on How to Make a Website For FREE

So you have been crying all night about not having a Website.  The thing is it is really expensive to make a Website...well for you.  You have been researching how to a make a Website for free everywhere online, but all you are getting is complete bulls***.  Now let me tell you something.  I think I have the solution to your problem.  It will only be 40% bulls*** and 61% non-bulls***.  Overall, I really think I have the information that will help you with your problem.  It will only cost you $99.99 and I do accept checks and money order.  Just kidding.  Read below and stop your crying you big baby.

5 ways on how to make a Website for free:

Find someone learning.  If you are able to locate a web design school or some type of institute that have student learning some kind of web anything, I am sure there will be someone there willing to make you your Website.  These students are trying to make it out in the real world with their skills.  They are thinking that if they can prove to you that they can make a Website...for free...that you will potentially spread their name around so they can get future business. will spread their name around.  First, make my site!  Just start calling school and finding those students.  In no time you will have a site in the works... FOR FREE!  

Ask a friend to make you one.  Call up Jim or Carol. You know the person that knows how to make sites and charges a lot of money to do so.  Say, in a whiny voice--almost crying, "Hey, I just found out I am broke.  I had to go out and donate some plasma for some spare cash.  I am in a tough situation.  I am really sad....  But I know a way out of it.  I love the idea that I can put up a personal Website.  This would make me so happy.  I think I would feel like a million bucks.  The thing is I don't know how to make one and no one will do it for me."  Hopefully at this point, they will have already have made your Website because they just want you to shut the hell up.

Learn how to make your own.  If Jim or Carol don't give a crap about your feelings, I guess it is time to learn how to make Website on your own--not to mention make new friends, those a**holes.  Learning HTML coding is not that fun. Nevertheless, it does payoff in the end.  You will be able to make your own Websites.  You can learn how to code in HTML at  They have tons of information that you want to make your free Website.  If you are too lazy to learn how to make your own Website try the next lazy lazy individual.

Find a web design company that give out free samples.  There are companies out there that want to give you a free Website with the thought that you will provide them with future business.  Those suckers don't know what is going to hit them.  You are going to be the first one to try their sample.  Go look on Google for these companies.  Really...future business...hahaha!

Beg online.  If you are really desperate, you can go to online forums and start begging like a desperate homeless person.  Wait...if you get a person that will actually help you with this, you are one lucky individual.  In fact, I think you have better odds at winning the lottery.  But it does not hurt to try this method.  Why not just try winning the lottery instead.  This way you can buy over a million Websites.  It is all about using your common sense.

So I have freely given you ways on how to make a Website for free.  You owe me.  Send me a check or something.  A thank you would be nice.  In fact, send me a link to your site after it is complete.  I can then criticize the s*** out of it.  Don't worry I won't make you cry.  Good luck.


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