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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on June 17, 2013

homemade for kids

A few years ago we were in Vacaville Outlet shopping center with my family. It was in around the time before Halloween and as usual the shopping center was busy. I got tired so I decided to have a seat in one of the benches while my husband and my two boys decided to go into one of the stores. A lady who had a huge bag sat beside me and started taking out this huge white cloth. She looked at me and smiled as she explained that she was meeting her grandson who was from San Francisco. She said she was from Sacramento and the easiest way to meet up with her grandson was in the shopping center. I watched as she diligently started stitching the cloth that of course looked like a ghost costume. The funny thing was it was such a simple costume but all the same it was still a very effective one.

After a while I saw a little boy, about 4 years old i think, started running towards the lady. They hugged and kissed and after which the lady decided to fit the costume. The holes on the cloth was a little off the kid's eyes but it even looked cuter as he tried to fix it.

Simple homemade costume full of love I believe especially since Grandma had to drive a whole 2 hours to just make a little boy happy.

Today I've decided to do the same. For 3 years straight now I've made my kid's own costume. It was always a big hit in my children's school or when they go trick or treating and even costume parties. All it takes really is a lot of imagination. The theme of the party usually is given anyway so just imagine a creative way to make the theme into a costume.

One time my son had to be an animal for his acquaintance party. Since angry birds were a big hit, I decided to make him an angry bird costume instead of just a regular animal. Everybody loved it (see photo). Another time my oldest son had to attend an Alice in Wonderland themed party. What best way to go but as the Mad hatter but with a giant teacup hat instead.

Another fun and easy costume to make for an under the sea themed occasion is a jelly fish. You can always play with the colors. I made my son into a blue jelly fish with lots of sparkles and glitters. Its tentacles were made of crepe paper and I place sequences and glitters that shined when he moved. For the head I just made a paper mache'. I molded the shape on a button of a dome shaped basket that I had. Just place plastic over the basket before you start putting paste for the paper. About 5 coats of paper will do. Let it air dry and paint with whatever color you want. Then I designed it with more sequences and glitter plus sparkly markers. I attached the paper mache' to my son's head with a elastic band that was tied through the holes I placed on the paper mold.

All the painting and paper mache'ing paid off course. They usually won best costume or adored by many!


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