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Hommade DIY sleeveless shirt guide, basic cut T-shirt version

Updated on January 2, 2015

Cutting the sleeves off a T-shirt

Basic simple sleeveless cut T-shirt guide

This hub will provide a guide to making the basic sleeveless T-shirt fro a regular T-shirt. This variant of sleeveless shirt is the most simple to make, only requiring a couple minutes and attention to detail.

For this homemade sleeveless shirt craft you need:

T-shirt that fits comfortably;


How to select the right T-shirt to cut:

The reason the T-shirt must fit comfortably is because if the T-shirt is too tight, the resulting tank top will ride up on the underarms causing discomfort. Generally, if the T-shirt is too tight under the arms, the sleeveless shirt will likewise be so. In such cases, the remedy is to carefully enlarge the hole.

Should the T-shirt be too loose, the resulting sleeveless shirt will be too wide on the shoulders as well as having too deep armholes. Large T-shirts can still make good sleeveless shirts but they need more advanced cutting or tailoring outside of this simple craft.

How to cut the sleeves off of the T-shirt:

Begin by making a hole with the scissors in the sleeve, just outside the shoulder seam. Insert the scissors blade into the hole and cut around the sleeve, cutting through only one layer of the cloth at a time. Cut around the entire sleeve, about an eighth of an inch from the seam. It is important to only cut one side as opposed to cutting through the front and back at the same time. Unless the front and back are perfectly lined up, the end result will be a shirt cut unevenly. It takes less time to cut the sleeve off one side at a time than to line it up perfectly, and comes out looking better.

Repeat this process with the second sleeve and cut it off. As the seam is your guide, there is no need to compare the first side as they will be automatically even. With time, the cut end will curl inwards, and it will not unravel, so it is not necessary to hem the shirt after cutting. Save the sleeves to use for other crafts, including headbands.

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