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Horror Movie Characters In T-Shirt Printing

Updated on June 29, 2017
The notorious lake where it all began.
The notorious lake where it all began.

T-shirt printing famous horror characters provides a creative resource for t-shirt artists. Horror movies are a popular film genre with a wide range of subcategories that mix horror with another genre, such as horror comedy, romantic horror, or horror sci-fi.

Artists can create custom printed t-shirts with designs for a horror movie theme, featuring famous classic characters like Dracula and Frankenstein, or modern horror villains like Freddie Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

T-Shirt Printing With A Classic Horror Theme

Of all the classic horror characters, the most popular are Dracula and Frankenstein. The tale of a bloodsucker from Transylvania had been retold many times in different mediums, from literature to film and TV. There are many spin-offs to this tale, and the vampire myth has expanded and grown from numerous books and movies created.

The tale of a man made monster made alive by an accidental surge of lightning is as fascinating as an immortal man who needs human blood to live. Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, is actually the name of the mad doctor who created the monster.

T-shirt printing with these characters in mind is a fun project to do. Images of popular classic horror characters may be screen printed in different ways, like cartoons, sketches or photos. These designs may be printed on kids' printed t-shirts, men's printed t-shirts or ladies' printed t-shirts.

T-Shirt Printing With Modern Horror Characters

The most popular villains in modern horror movies are Freddie Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Freddie Krueger attacks his victims in their sleep, while Jason Voorhees kills teen agers after they have committed an immoral or socially unacceptable act, like using drugs or engaging in premarital sex.

Classic horror films are not as terrifying as modern horror movies. The black and white images are not filled with blood and gore, unlike modern horror films. Some modern horror films include nudity and simulated sex in their scenes to attract adult moviegoers.

Even the avant-garde horror films like SAW, which combines psychological elements with horrific images, show too much blood and skin. Sci-fi and fantasy horror films, such as "Thirteen Ghosts," sometimes cannot avoid including nudity in its scenes. One ghost, a woman whose naked body was covered in blood, appeared in key scenes of the film.

Printing t-shirts with these designs always include the image of dripping blood. Freddie Krueger with his trademark glove with claws and the masked Jason Voorhees with his bloody machete are not fit designs for kids' t-shirt printing.

Horror comedies and romantic horror movies, like “Casper” and Eddie Murphy's "Vampire In Brooklyn," are rated General Patronage. Printed t-shirts with GP designs are fit for any demographic in men's t-shirt printing or girls' t-shirt prints.

Although horror movies are scary, the t-shirt designs that one can create from these movies are definitely a challenge for any t-shirt printing artist. Cartoonish or photographic images can be screen printed on t-shirts for any gender or age.


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