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Sewing Classes Can Be Beneficial

Updated on November 14, 2016

Sewing Classes by "Mrs. K"

Karen instructs Jaleesa on sewing the pair of red pants she wants to design.
Karen instructs Jaleesa on sewing the pair of red pants she wants to design.
Jaleesa, wears protective goggles as she is instructed by Karen.
Jaleesa, wears protective goggles as she is instructed by Karen.
Jaleesa, poses the rear of these precious red pants. She is excited about the results.
Jaleesa, poses the rear of these precious red pants. She is excited about the results.
Karen explains to Jaleesa, how they must now get the front of the pants completed after the zipper was installed.
Karen explains to Jaleesa, how they must now get the front of the pants completed after the zipper was installed.
A Singer Sewing Machine that was similar to the one Karen's mother worked as a seamstress on.
A Singer Sewing Machine that was similar to the one Karen's mother worked as a seamstress on.

Design Your Own Clothing Through Sewing Classes

Jaleesa was filled with great anticipation before the arrival of her sewing teacher, Karen Norman. The splendor of #designing and sewing her own clothing has always been a part of Jaleesa's repertoire. Karen would now help her fulfill some of those dreams, compiled within her designer's notebook, since childhood. Jaleesa, would now start with the development of a pair of red pants, which could be the beginning of a true story of success.

Karen explained that she has been sewing. "since I can remember. My mother sewed and she was a seamstress." A beautiful smile penetrated Karen's face, as the memories vicariously started to pour in. Her mother, Ernestine Brickle, served as a seamstress where she performed this tedious work on an old #singer sewing machine with the pedal. It was difficult sometimes explained Karen but the older machines got the job done. Karen's mother Mrs. Brickle, not only taught her daughter how to sew but other young women, who continue to sew and design today. Karen went on to express how her mother is also a writer at heart. "She loves to write plays and poems. Every opportunity my mom gets, she creates some type of story or poetry." Karen exuded with pride concerning the accomplishments of her mother, who is now seventy-seven years old. Age has not dissuaded her mother's creativity, one bit.

Karen still maintains that same burning desire to help others create their designs through sewing. Jaleesa mentioned that she approached Karen, after hearing that she was a seamstress and asked if Karen could help her make a pair of red pants. Due to frustration, Jaleesa looked for a similar pair in stores. The pants that she saw were more than seventy dollars. Jaleesa did not want to pay that much, so she decided to make her own pants. Jaleesa, already owned a sewing machine, so the solution was simple.

This experience with Jaleesa and Karen reminded me of Whoopie Goldberg's experience in the movie, #The Color Purple, where she made her own pants in a shop the character owned. Her pants fit all sizes. Although these red pants was made to fit only Jaleesa. It was also intriguing when Karen admitted that she had the same maiden name as Whoopie Goldberg's real name which is Karen Johnson. I found that similarity to be somewhat unique.

Karen and Jaleesa meticulously labored over, the band of these pants as well as other facets that would complete their design. It would be interesting, if they would eventually put together a fashion show, full of their newly created designs such as the television show #Project Runway. Karen laughed slightly as she held the pants up before Jaleesa, who later tried them on and repeated what Tim Gun says, "major wow factor." In the end Karen hopes, "that Jaleesa will end up with a nice pair of custom pants that fit her perfectly. It is hard to find a pair of pants that fit and she can make her own." Jaleesa went on to explain how it was, "hard to find a pair of pants that fit and that cost fifteen dollars. These pants are about one third of the cost of the pants she was planning to purchase." This was a major reason Jaleesa, was determined to utilize her sewing machine and learn how to sew from sessions with Karen.

Fond memories were recounted by Karen, as she could visualize her mother sewing and maneuvering her hands. She recalled how her mom made wedding dresses, casual clothes, hats, scarfs and a variety of #fashions. Her mother, Mrs. Brickle, made their school clothes and outfits for assemblies which their family would attend. "I remember this lavender outfit, she made for me. I loved this outfit because a brother that I like, noticed me in it." Karen went on to explain how she will never forget that outfit because it was specifically designed for her.

Karen, Jaleesa and I, all agreed that this magnificent ability to create such beautiful designs can only come from our Heavenly Father Jehovah. "It is amazing how the brain works; because you can take a piece of fabric that is nothing and put it together and have a nice outfit," stated Karen. Jaleesa found it fascinating that, "an artist like #Michael Angelo could see a piece of marble and there was a statute in it." She in turn can now see a piece of fabric and envision an outfit from that fabric, especially now that Jaleesa takes sewing classes with Karen. When asked if Karen sees a piece of fabric in a similar vain? She admitted that, when looking at fabric, she sees such things as curtains or other household related items. Although she may never get to complete this type of project, due to lack of time.

Both Karen and Jaleesa, have future plans to expand their talents through sewing. Jaleesa, discussed how one day, she would like to create costumes for a children's play which focused on the frogs that Almighty God used to plague Egypt, before the exodus of Jehovah's people. Karen thought about, "how many young people need to learn how to sew. Now I am helping young people. My mother helped so many young people learn how to sew. As I am helping Jaleesa, I remember things my mother would do to get things done." Her mom, Mrs. Brickle, made a lot of Karen and her sister's clothing. Back in the seventies, it was cheaper to make clothing because fabric was about a dollar ninety-nine. Jaleesa felt it was good to learn because, "if you are looking for a special pair of red pants and you cannot find them, now with the sewing class, she has the ability to make them." Jaleesa felt that this class with Karen was not only rewarding but beneficial for what she wants to accomplish in the future. Now some of those drawings Jaleesa, had secretly withheld within her notebook, can finally become a reality. Thanks to Karen's sewing class. If you are interested in sewing classes contact Karen, by emailing,

This video about beginner sewing classes is from Youtube videos.


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