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How To Create A Sculpture

Updated on April 28, 2011


Sculpting is an expressive art.  When you sculpt, you will want to create your piece as realistic as possible.  Some tips on how to create an amazing sculpture are:


1)    Decide what you want to sculpt.  Do you want to make a sculpture of a human, an animal, an object, or an abstract shape? Make sure you have the object, model, picture, or drawing of what you want to sculpt in front of you.

2)    Decide how large you want sculpture to be. Most sculptures are anywhere from two to three feet or less.

3)    Decide what materials you will want to use. Sculptures can be made from bronze to trash that has been thrown away. Clay, wood, fabric, wire, and trash are good sculpture materials. You can also combine materials to create a mixed media sculpture.

4)    Gather all the materials needed. In addition to sculpting tools, you might need wood, fabric, plaster, paint, paintbrushes, spraypaint, wire, rope, glue, a hammer, nails, a saw, and duct tape. The nails, ropes, wires, solder, and duct tape will be used for attaching things

5)    Add a base.  It is not necessary to add a base, but it will make your sculpture more appealing.

6)    Start building the sculpture. Use all your tools and be creative. Spend time adding in all the details. Materials may be worked by removal such as carving(stone or wood); or they may be assembled such as by welding,  hardened such as by firing (clay), molded or cast.

7)    Add the finishing touches. Decorate your sculpture by using paint, varnish or brightly colored paper. Use sandpaper to add texture or color to the outside of the sculpture.


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      dionis 6 years ago from albania

      cool... :)