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How To Create Pretty Ribbon Fan Magnets

Updated on September 8, 2014
My fan magnet
My fan magnet
Another pic of my fan magnet
Another pic of my fan magnet

I really enjoy making craft projects when I get the extra time. My Ribbon Fan Magnets are really fun and easy to make. The Ribbon Fan Magnets are also pretty cheap to make. You can buy the ribbons at the dollar store or even WalMarts, which I think is cheaper than buying them at the craft store. The best part is there is a huge selection of ribbon patterns out there to choose from. Which makes for a really hard choice, you may even end up buying more rolls of ribbon, than you planned on. You may even get addicted to making them. I made a bunch of them at Christmas for my family and friends. I gave them as little extra gifts. You can even decorate a gift bag or gift wrapped package with the fans. My friends thought the magnets were really cute! So come on and lets get started making some fun Ribbon Fan Magnets. You can go to the Dollar store to get packages of magnet, they come so many in a pack. I think mine were 8 in the pack, and be sure to get the round magnets. As they work better for this project.

The Supplies Needed:

** Glue gun ( I use a small gun, as it is easier to handle )

** Glue sticks

*** A pair of sharp scissors

** A roll of wired edged ribbon, I used 2.5"x9" ( they come in many sizes)

** lightweight cardboard, it needs to be easy to fold. ( like cereal boxes, or anything light )

** A stapler, a small one works best. You can get them at the dollar store.

*** Flowers, Beads, Sparkles, Shells, even feathers, or other little trinkets.

Cut the cardboard width the same size as the ribbon, which in this case it will be 2.5"x9". The lenght will have to be cut long enough to shape it into a fan,in the meantime heat the glue gun. Okay now take the glue gun and ribbon. Take your time and carefully shape and glue the ribbon as you go, be sure to use enough glue to keep the ribbon in place. When the fan is covered, then staple the base to hold it together. Now you need to cover the base, so take and cut a piece of ribbon and glue it around the base of the fan. With the same ribbon fashion a bow and attach to the front of the fan with the glue gun. Take the magnet and glue it to the back of the fan. Depending on what pattern of ribbon you are using, then you can decide how you want to decorate the base of the fan. You can use flowers or tiny shells, anything you like. You can also sprinkle the ribbon fan with glitter, or decorate with tiny beads. Just use your imagination and have fun with it.

And be sure to give some Ribbon fans away to your family and friends as well. Oh and I forgot to mention. You don't have to make just fans magnets though. You can also put little hangers on the back and hang the fans on the wall. I use paper clips for this. Or here is something else you could make a shadow box picture frame, and place the Ribbon Fan inside of it, which will really showcase your beautiful Ribbon Fan. You can get a collection going, and it will make a great conversation piece! This is a fun craft projects for the kids to try also! So I hope you enjoyed finding out how to make Ribbon Fans. Oh and don't forget you can make themed Ribbon Fans as well, for any Holiday or occasion. Perhaps Halloween , Christmas, or even a special Birthday Fan! So enjoy and have fun making some Ribbon Fans!


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    • profile image

      pp[ppp 5 years ago

      i know how to make a coin finder for under the couch with a stick glue and rope whahwhahwhahwhah

    • profile image

      paxwill 5 years ago

      Very cute, these would make nice Xmas tree ornaments.

    • Daughter Of Maat profile image

      Melissa Flagg COA OSC 5 years ago from Rural Central Florida

      ok these are really cool lol Thank you, my daughter will love this!