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How To Decorate A Child's Personal Picnic Table!

Updated on March 15, 2013
The decorated picnic tables.
The decorated picnic tables. | Source
another pic of the tables.
another pic of the tables. | Source
And another pic of the picnic tables.
And another pic of the picnic tables. | Source
the picnic table before it was decorated.
the picnic table before it was decorated. | Source
The stickers
The stickers | Source
Here other choices for colors, that I took a picture of at walmarts.
Here other choices for colors, that I took a picture of at walmarts. | Source

This Is A Really Easy And Fun Craft Project To Make For Kids.

Some craft projects are just not planned, and this project I am about to share with you is one of them. Today while I was shopping at Walmart, I went over to the toy department to see if they had any inexpensive little tables for my 2 little granddaughters, as they come over to my house every Monday, and stay overnight. Anyway Walmart is putting out the kids summer toys, and what not. I saw these cute little picnic end tables. I thought what a great idea! I am going to buy two of them, one for each of the girls. Of course I had to get them in the same color so they would not fight.

So while I was walking around the store picking up other items I needed, I thought to myself, I should really personalize the picnic tables for the girls. So after cashing out, my next stop was the Dollar store. At first I was going to by some paint, and paint the girls names on their new picnic tables, but as I was walking around the store it occurred to me, that stickers would be really cute! So off to the stationary Isle I went. My goodness there were so many stickers to pick from. I must of spent 20 minutes just looking and deciding which ones to buy. So after choosing which ones I wanted. I could not wait to get home and do my little craft project.

Okay so lets talk about the little picnic tables I bought for the girls. First I do have to mention that the girls are 3 & 4 years old. They are both a little petite for their ages.

The tables are simply called Adirondack Table, and they are made for children ages 1 1/2+. The measurements are 13.625 inch x 11.875 inches, and 34.61 cm x 30.16 cm. Which means they are low tables. But as you can get a better idea from the pictures that I have added here . The assembly for the table is really easy, it just snaps together, no tools or glue needed, and adult assembly is required. The picnic table come in from what I saw, was pink, blue, green and yellow. I paid $6.88 a piece for them. Total under $15.00.

The stickers I bought are Stickers Autocollants, and they also can be used for letters, cards, envelopes, notebooks, lockers, scrapbooks and so much more. They have many designs to choose from. I have to say they really stick well to resin.

So anyway the project is just so easy. Choose the stickers and place them in any pattern that you like. You can even let the little ones do it their selves, but I wanted to surprise my girls.

Here is a quick tip: After applying the stickers, take some clear nail polish and go over the stickers, one or two coats of polish will do it. This way the stickers will last longer, and not peel off or fade, especially when the table is wiped down a lot. Also don't Forget you can use stencils and paint if you want to, or even mix it up. Just have fun with it, and be creative, and the best part is, it won't cost a fortune to create something cute! The little one will just love their new little picnic table! Watch their face light up! I was having fun just putting the stickers on the picnic tables, and imagining their faces light up when they see them! Thanks for reading. Oh and they would also make a really cute gift from the heart.


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