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How To Design A Website Without Html or Code?

Updated on March 24, 2015

You can start by using DMS or CMS websites!

CMS (Content management system) websites are generally easy to use applications that help you manage and track content on your website. DMS (Design Management System) allows you to convert design files to full html website templates.

1. Webydo:

Webydo is a CMS/DMS website that allows you to freely design websites without code. You can create beautiful websites and web pages on Webydo for your client, and even lock what they can or cannot edit.

Even though Webydo is very easy to use like all things in the world it has drawbacks. You can only publish your website on Webydo's platform so you cannot host it on another site (that is one of my biggest issues with the site thus far).

You also have to pay for extra features such as adding your own domain name and so on.

2. Webflow:


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Webflow is a great tool to use to create awesome responsive websites without code. All you need to do is simply drag and drop the elements you want to your desired location.

You can also export your full website template as well as create multiple websites, and web pages.

Webflow also offers multiple views for your websites such as mobile and tablet view so you can customize them to be just as responsive as the desktop website.

You can start off with a nice free trial if you want to explore all the features mentioned above and more (exporting your template and such). With the regular free account you can still create your website except you are limited as to the number of websites and web pages you can create (you can only export your template two times for the whole entire month).

3. Adobe Muse CC (14.99 a month after free trial)


Adobe Muse allows you to design a cool and stylish website without having to write a single line of code.

Muse is relatively very easy to use as Adobe offers step by step video tutorials on how to create your very first website layout. Similar to Webflow, Muse makes it simple and easy to drag and drop your elements across the page.

You can add sliders, drop down menus, navigation bars, and images as well as text (you can actually do even more, but I'm just listing the basics).

To access Adobe Muse you will have to create an Adobe account (if you have not already), and use it through Adobe's Creative Cloud. Currently Adobe offers a free trial of Adobe Muse, but afterwards it is about $14.99 a month.

4. Sidengo


If you aren't really looking for a site or program to design full websites, but instead single landing pages, then Sidengo can be your best pal!

Sidengo offers both basic (free), and pro plans similar to Webydo's platform (paying to add your own domain name, and so forth).

Sidengo still allows you to create multiple web pages on your website, but you're limited to about 3 web pages per site. Sidengo also allows you to easily embed your twitter and facebook pages as well as one YouTube video.

Pro plans start as low as $10.00 a month and as high as $25.00 a month.

5. AllYou


Take a look at AllYou's quick tutorial

If you're looking for a no code portfolio builder AllYou may be all for you. To build your website you can use one of AllYou's already made templates or simply design your own. With AllYou's editor you can create stylish galleries or professional portfolios.

AllYou gives you full customization over the elements you choose to incorporate in your design such as colors, styles, and fonts. AllYou offers pro and basic plans.

With the basic plan you get about 50mb of space, unlimited websites, and a code free editor. Pro plans star at $8.00 and increase to $15.00, and allows the addition of your own domain name.


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    • sitebuilders profile image

      Howard Steele 2 years ago

      Hi Kernia! Nice round-up!

      You need to update the Webydo paragraph: they now offer Site Exports, so you don’t necessarily have to host your site with them. You can download the generated source code and pass it to devs for further development, or publish it elsewhere outside the Webydo infrastructure.