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How To Draw A Devil

Updated on June 28, 2011

Drawing A Devil

Devils are really just another excuse to draw some more demons, but call them devils for fun, devils are supposed to be horned devils, with hooves and red skin, however I find this quite limiting, so I prefer to mix it up and draw them the way I want them drawn, but I do keep the horns on their heads as this is a characteristic that must not be missed out!

To draw a devil is really just like you start to draw anything else, it's all in the planning sketches and down to your imagination for the devils to look devilish in your design.

See some rough devil sketches below for some ideas and inspiration for your devil drawing.

Devil Demon Inspirational Drawing

Demons and devils pencil drawings. Copyright Wayne Tully 2009.
Demons and devils pencil drawings. Copyright Wayne Tully 2009.

Pick An Idea From Your Draft Sketches

 Choosing an idea from your preliminary devil drawings is easy or at least it should be, once you find one that you could develop and create a good devil drawing, it is about getting on with that drawing to complete it the way that your initial sketch shows.

You need to choose a final idea that you like and one that you are comfortable in developing further.

Devil First Sketching Part 1

Developing The Devil

 Once we have selected our rough devil drawing it is time to start the sketching of some more details and building up our devil drawing further, now often I draw devils with long curled up Ram or goat like horns as I feel devils look better drawn this way, but you don't have to draw them this way.

The Devil sketch below shows some of the characteristics of a devil showing through, but we can work on them later, once you have something that resembles this step you can move on to the next stage of drawing, which is surprise surprise more drawing development of our devil.

Drawing A Devil Part 2

Finishing The Devils Missing Arm Off

 At this stage it is about drawing that arm that needed to be drawn as I simply couldn't do it earlier on and also the horn had to be replaced further back on the head and that is what this step goes through, sorting out the devil drawing ready for the inking stage.

Devils Arm Video

Inking Your Devil, Get Your Ink Pens Out!

 This stage as usual I ink the finished pencil drawing and try to improve on the pencil drawing by adding dark areas through slight bits of cross hatching and just filling in black to the right areas and you can see the finished inked version right near the end of the video.

I hope to try and go through colouring with Gimp to one of my drawings that I've finished, whether it's this Devil one or something else, so stay tuned for that as I am becoming a master of Gimp(If I can boast about that title!)

Ink Your Devil Video

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Drawing A Demon Devil Figure Video


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