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How To Draw A Face

Updated on July 5, 2010

Drawing Faces: A How To Article

Drawing faces can be a problem for some, but for others it is quite fun to draw different looking faces and be quite happy doing so with no problems whatsoever.

Here I will go over some basics to remember when drawing faces and some examples to help you learn how to draw faces and even some different faces on paper.

Drawing a face is as simple as drawing an oval shape for the whole head and just marking out the places for eyes and ears and mouth and nose head shoulders knees and toes...something like that, watch the video below to see what I mean about a face drawing layout that is easy to draw.

How To Draw A Basic Face

Drawing A Face

Drawing a face is easy when you have a framework with which to build a face and from there you can change the structure of the face to suit a different personality, so for instance you can change the cheeks of someones face and they'll look instantly different and you get the idea with changing any feature of the face that your face drawing will look different every time.

Lets take that drawing from the video and develop it better, but we will try and do some good examples of drawing things differently so that it looks like a different face...

Below are a couple of videos that show you two different ways to draw a face, the first one is a wizard face and is drawn on a side profile, just to give you an idea, I don't usually draw the starting head like in the first example video above, because I've been drawing for years now and it's much simpler for me to draw as I mean to go on

The second video is a woman's face, drawn facing towards us and so I hope you find thes couple of videos useful to see how you can draw your own faces.

Drawing A Wizards Face - Watch This Video To See Another Example Of Face Drawing

Drawing A Womans Face - Watch This Video To See How To Draw Another Face

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How To Draw A Face

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