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Drawing A Goat Demon Video Drawing Tutorial

Updated on September 11, 2011

Sketch And Draw A Goat Demon From Hell

The process of sketching and drawing a Goat Demon is yet another imaginative creature that has done the rounds on the Internet and so with that in mind we shall learn how to draw a Goat Demon with the classic format of a two part YouTube video series which shows you the beginning sketches to the inking stage.

Below is the first pencil drawing video in which you can either try and follow along or take what you learn and see in the video and go your own way to create your very own Goat Demon drawing. I used a 2B mechanical pencil which explains why the drawing is clearly visible and plus I've started to upload the videos in High Definition now as they look more professional.

Goat Demon Video Drawing Tutorial

The complete Goat Demon color sketch by Wayne Tully 2011.
The complete Goat Demon color sketch by Wayne Tully 2011.

Draw A Goat Demon In Pencil Video One

Using An Ink Pen To Ink The Goat Demon Video Two

Using a gel ink pen the Goat Demon starts to get inked in this drawing video and off camera I sort out the Pentagram and make the outline more like a blood drip type Pentagram which looks better than the standard straight line Satanic Pentagram. Inking the drawing doesn't necessarily mean to go over the lines exactly as you've drawn them, instead it's about improving the drawing by adding areas of shading and stronger line weights to help give your Demon creature form and in some instances muscle mass.

With different ink pens you can achieve some great effects such as cross hatching to simulate shading on a drawing and remember the many other varying inking techniques you can achieve such as stippling, feathering and dry brushing (Which I'll cover in a future hubpage!)

Inking The Goat Demon Drawing Video Two

Photo Of The Completed Goat Demon Sketch

With all of the pencil marks rubbed out, here is the final inked drawing of the Goat Demon, also below this inked drawing you can now view the coloring stage of the Goat Demon which was done with supertips from Crayola, these are super cheap and look really effective especially when you blend in the red, orange and yellow for the fiery hell demon coming out of the Pentagram made of blood.

Side note: Any religious people, this is only a drawing and does not mean that I worship the Devil and sacrifice chickens to Satan or anything I just like drawing this stuff!!

Draw Demonic Goat Demon

How to draw a demonic goat demon step by step with drawing videos.
How to draw a demonic goat demon step by step with drawing videos.

Crayola Coloring Stage Of The Goat Demon Drawing

Drawing A Goat Demon

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