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How To Draw A Snowman Video Drawing Tutorials

Updated on July 23, 2011

Drawing A Snowman

Draw a winter snowman for those cold winter nights when you can't be bothered to create a real snowman, because it's too cold outside, plus they are easy to draw if you follow the simple shapes that I draw in the video below for you.

First, I draw the smaller circle for the head and then the larger circle of snow for the body and if you want to, draw another larger snow circle for the legs which don't actually look like legs, they just exist to suggest the legs(Make sense? good!) Now I start to draw the buttons and then the scarf around the snowman's neck and all the features of the face and a hat included as well as the tree branches for the snowman's arms.

Don't try and draw too much detail as you need this drawing as simple as possible, because they don't really need to be that full of details, just simple cartoon shapes like in the drawing video below. You could color your snowman when you are done and I would suggest a light grey for the shadow or a blue grey to suggest the shadow of the snow on one side of the snowman, a nice red and yellow striped scarf and a medium light brown for the snowman's tree branch arms, the hat could be blue or green it's up to you.

Enjoy drawing yourself a happy smiling snowman fro Christmas or whenever you like.

Watch the drawing video below to see a snowman being drawn.

Drawing A Snowman - Watch The Video

Learn To Draw A Cartoon Snowman

How to draw a cartoon snowman.
How to draw a cartoon snowman. | Source

For Fun- Drawing An Evil Snowman

For a laugh I thought about drawing an evil Snowman too to add to this drawing tutorial and for fun you can just take this drawing video as just an idea on drawing an evil Snowman.

A Snowman can be drawn as cartoon like as you wish or as detailed in an illustrative style that could also be fun to sketch, watch the video below for some good insight into drawing a cartoon Evil Snowman.

Draw An Evil Snowman Video

Draw A Snowman

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