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How To Draw A Swan

Updated on February 19, 2011

Drawing a swan can be a pleasant experience. It is soothing to see this wonderful creation of nature. Swans are one of the most beautiful birds. There are many options available in learning art. You can find a multitude of references and tutorials online on how to draw and paint swans. You can find interactive tutorials on Youtube. Most of the tutorials follow similar instructions and techniques.


1) Start by coming up with ideas on how you want your swan to appear. Use a reliable photo as a reference. You can also observe a real swan.

2) Draw a number two on your canvas. This will be the base of your swan. Take the line at the bottom of the "2", and bump it in the middle. The curve should look like a small hill.

3) Draw a curve under the top part of the two so that it looks like a hook. Extend the line to the bottom of the swan, so that it looks like a partial double two. This will be the swan’s neck.

4) Once you reach the bottom, draw a downward curve. This will become the new base. Connect the curve to the swan’s tail.

5) Start from the tip of the tail and draw an upward curve until it meets the end of the swan’s neck or hook.

6) Draw feathers by making several zig-zag-like triangles on the base of the swan. You can also add the feathers to the tail.

7) Add water ripples to give a realistic feel.

8) Add a small cone for the beak and a dot for the eye.


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