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Drawing A Zombie Santa Claus Face For Christmas Festive Fun

Updated on October 10, 2011

Drawing Zombie Santa Claus

There's just something so cool and fun about trying to draw something so traditionally innocent as Santa Claus and turning him into a rabid and rotten Zombie just for the fun of it. Now I did a quick full figure of a Zombie Santa here which was drawn in a more cartoon type style but it still proved quite effective at drawing one possible idea. So now it's time we tried to draw the face of a Zombie Santa with lots of lovely line drawing detail.

So lets get on with it. In the drawing video below I approach the drawing process with a series of sketches which help to build up the drawing. Use the pencil like it was meant to be used like a tool, because if you become too focused on the end result at the early stages then your drawings may not go anywhere or you might be left frustrated or disappointed with the finished drawing, so always explore the pencil sketch first and don't worry if it takes a few tries to get right. A right combination of a good idea and some patience really does pay off with this type of drawing.

Draw A Zombie Santa Claus Face Video

Inking The Zombie Santa Pencil Sketch Drawing Video

In this video I inked the whole piece with enough line work that added detail to the drawing and gave it a nice finished quality with a gel ink pen that on the face of it looks like a ball point pen but it glides over the paper and is a superbly cheap ink pen alternative, but if you want to buy the best then I would always recommend Pitt artist pens or the manga art specialist ink pens from Letraset.

The zombie pencil drawing when inked looks like a totally different drawing when you draw over all that graphite and the dark ink lines really do add a certain something to the face drawing of our favorite Christmas fun time Santa Zombie.

Try and ink the beard like it is a beard, much like a street tramp with greasy straggly beard hairs and always add in extra details like rotting skin and flesh too.

Inking A Zombie Santa Claus Face Drawing Video

Draw Zombie Santa Claus Face

How to draw Santa Claus Zombie head. Art by Wayne Tully
How to draw Santa Claus Zombie head. Art by Wayne Tully

Draw Zombie Santa

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