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How To Draw A Zombies Head

Updated on May 18, 2012

Drawing A Zombies Head

 When drawing a zombies head I try to draw it quite quick, but since I've done it in the space of 3 videos over the course of 15 minutes, I've gone over slightly, but here we have a quick video series on how to draw a zombies head, it covers the three stages: Initial head sketch, the development drawing and the final inked version and in following these 3 videos you should have an understanding of how I drew this zombies head and will hopefully inspire you to draw one of your own.

So the first video below is the intitial sketch drawing where I worked out on the page what the zombies head would look like in a rough sketch the video!

Drawing A Zombies Head Video Part One

Drawing A Zombies Head

How to draw a zombies head. Drawings Copyright Wayne Tully 2010.
How to draw a zombies head. Drawings Copyright Wayne Tully 2010.

Zombie Head Drawing Development

 Developing the zombies head is the way of expanding on your original sketch and you can start to add minimal detail here or still work out the overall shape and structure of the head.

I just did whatever I liked and hoped for the best!

Watch the video!

Zombie Drawing Video Part Two

Drawing Zombies Heads

When it comes to inking your zombie drawing it is a good idea to either try and do it quick on video or take your time, but in this case I did the inking very quick as I was timing myself against a few minutes.

I've always liked the inking stage of a drawing and especially when it comes to adding ink to a zombies head, it makes the drawing more permanent and you cannot go back, even if you make a mistake. Of course you could start again, but wheres the fun in that!

Watch the video!

How To Draw Zombies Head Video Part Three

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How To Draw A Zombies Head Tutorial

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      lol! cheers now!

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