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How To Draw And Paint Fantasy Architecture Book

Updated on April 3, 2011

Draw And Paint Fantasy Architecture By Rob Alexander

 Drawing and painting fantasy architecture with this book is like many fantasy books, an inspirational book with great and fantastic artwork throughout with detailed steps on drawing and painting fantasy buildings from castles to fortresses and ancient citadels centuries old.

The book covers four main chapters on drawing and creating fantasy buildings and structures and the book incorporates digital coloring techniques which updates this book and makes it more useful....

Chapter one - Introduction to architecture which examines many different types of world wide architecture such as Middle Eastern and Romanesque architectures and Gothic building structures and even futuristic architectures.Real photos and paintings help to illustrate and give helpful inspiration on creating the foundations of fantasy architecture and base your own drawings on actual realistic buildings to make them look authentic.

The couple of pages which examines modern and futuristic buildings is equally good, as it shows you some photos of modern structures together with drawings and artwork on future cityscapes, this is a definitive introduction into fantasy architecture.

Chapter two - Picture making techniques of how to create certain aspects of fantasy architectures with strong knowledge of art techniques, light and shadows are studied here as are important drawing aspects such as perspective, distance and depth and the whole composition of the fantasy scene too with examples of art and a couple of walk throughs on creating such techniques for your own fantasy architectures.

The composition and concept section is the best bit I thought as it really stood out as an inspirational piece that took your imagination on a trip....

Chapter three - Details and textures provides the insight into building details such as wood and brick and how to layer these textures onto your drawings to create the desired effect through traditional art materials to digital art techniques, all the important details you would expect to learn to draw for old buildings and modern ones is explored in depth here.

This chapter is a basic one that you will have to read the information to fully understand along with the paintings and the many textures you can create in your fantasy structures.

Chapter four - Creating your own fantasy worlds explores some very useful case studies on creating certain aspects of creating fantasy worlds with digital walk throughs of lighting, evoking mood and exploring ideas as well as establishing depth and creating drama, perhaps this chapter is the most useful with practical information that you could put to use with your own fantasy world creations.

125 pages of inspirational content on drawing, creating and imagining realistic fantasy architecture is a must for any fantasy artist that prefers to create from reference but mainly from imagination.

Draw Fantasy Architecture

Draw fantasy castles and floating fortresses.
Draw fantasy castles and floating fortresses. | Source

Draw Fantasy Art Buildings

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