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How To Draw Skulls Ebook

Updated on March 6, 2011

How To Draw Skulls Ebook

Draw skulls ebook by Wayne Tully
Draw skulls ebook by Wayne Tully | Source

Ebook On How To Draw Skulls

I've been hard at work writing this ebook on how to draw skulls and it really is something that I am proud of as there are multiple variations of skull drawings that you can draw and I walk you through many of them, intended as an introductory ebook as it is my first proper ebook and it's been fun to create step by step skull drawing examples and working out what to do with them once you've finished them.

Drawing skulls is a popular thing to do especially for tattoos and other designs, this ebook will teach you some simple ways of drawing the parts of the skull and also how to create some effective skull designs by exaggerating cheek bones and the skulls temples and just generally having fun with skull drawing, if you are interested in the ebook then it is on sale at Ejunkie for $7.97 which is a fairly low price for what you get with it.

The book itself is 19 pages long, so expect a more comprehensive book further down the line on drawing skulls, but if you ever struggle to draw your own skulls then I highly recommend it. As this is a test launch for me, I know that I do have many updates planned for this book and that the development of this ebook product may be an ongoing thing as I would like to make this a bible for drawing skulls that would be more on the lines of a few hundred pages.

And so saying this, there will be an ultimate edition out sometime in the near future.

Also if you'd like to join the affiliate program, then when signed into your Ejunkie account click the link at the bottom of the draw skulls ebook product page to sign up and promote this product at the moment the affiliate precentage is set at 50% but who knows I could change that for the right affiliates!

I used Open Office to create this ebook and it's a little rough around the edges particularly the cover which needs coloring, but the free software is great to create your ebooks.

How To Draw Skulls Ebook Color Rough

Drawing skulls ebook.
Drawing skulls ebook. | Source

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Drawing Skulls Ebook

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