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How To Keep Your Acrylic Paints From Drying Out

Updated on February 12, 2011

Options To Consider

A lot of people complain that their paints dry too fast. It is a burden to keep on applying more and more applications of paint. It is also a burden to pay for the wasted paint. To prevent your paints from drying too fast, you can take many precautions. Consider:

1) Using products from Masterson painting supply company. You can purchase Sta Wet Palettes that allow you to lock in moisture.

2) Covering your paints with tin foil, a clear plastic wrap or an upside down plate. You can choose to fasten the plates with a rubber band if you are covering your paints with a plate

3) Periodically spraying your paints with a wet spray bottle.

4) Putting your paints in plastic cups and wrapping them with tin foil.

5) Placing your paints in plastic containers with lids.

6) Putting your paints in a glass or ceramic dish with a plastic covering.

7) Making sure that your paints are in a shaded area. Avoid painting in extreme heat or light.

8) Make sure you sketch your picture first before you apply paint to your palette. This prevents the paints from drying up too fast.

9) Purchasing a brand of paint called Golden Open Acrylics. This brand of paint locks in moisture longer than regular acrylic paints.

10) Spraying your palette with Liquitex Palette Wetting Spray. This solution contains ingredients that will allow your paints to stay wet for a longer time.

11) Using acrylic gels that you can mix with your paints. These gels will lock in moisture. Some of these gels are Golden Acrylic Retarder, Liquitex Slow Dri Blending Fluid, Winsor Newton Acrylic Slow Drying Medium.




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How To Keep Your Acrylic Paints From Drying Out

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