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How To Make A Boat From Paper

Updated on November 9, 2010

OK, here's how to make a boat from paper. First off, grab an A4 shaped piece of paper. it doesn't matter about size but must be that similar rectangle shape. Now then follow these steps.

 Fold one...

The red line denotes where you will place the fold. Fold the sheet in half lengthways.

Fold two...

Now your sheet is folded in half, fold it in half again, this time widthways.

 The paper is now folded into a rectangle 1/4 the size of the original piece of paper.

 Now unfold the last fold so you're back where you were after the first fold. This time though there's a crease running through the centre of your sheet.

 Now, turn the sheet so it's landscape as you look at it. Fold the corners so that they meet at the crease you just made, as shown by the red lines.

 You should now have something that looks like this.

 Fold the flappy bits hanging off the base of the triangle outwards as shown by the red lines. Do this both sides, so two folds altogether.

 And now it looks like this. The darker blue bits are the bits you've just folded out and upwards.

 Fold the corners as shown by the red lines.

What it now looks like. Hopefully.

 Now then, lets turn on the brain a bit for this one, Grip the base where the arrows point with both hands, thumbs facing inwards.

 This is what the underneath looks like, sort of. Your thumbs go into the hole in the middle as indicated by the red arrows. And then pull, left hand goes left, right hand goes right. You should end up with a diamond shape.

 Like so. Once again the darker bits are folded and show the shape better.

 The diamond will now be folded back into a triangle. As shown by the red line.

 And oh look, it's a triangle again.

Now grip it same place as before with thumbs inwards and pull out to make it back into a diamond. Then fold the diamond again to make it back into a triangle. The same way as before. Now do this step again.

 Looking to the top of the triangle, where the red arrows point, the triangle should have three layers, grip the middle layer where the red arrows point and pull outwards and all the way to the bottom, as indicated by the green arrows. There you go a boat. Or a hat. I wont show you what it looks like, it's a surprise.

Note: This boat is more than likely not fit for carrying human passengers, even if you use a really big piece of paper. I might try that though.


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