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How To Make A Glitter Solar Jar

Updated on April 11, 2012

I've seen tutorials for these solar jars online for a while now, but I decided to try one today. I found the solar stake at Wal-mart for only 97 cents and the glass jar was $2.97. I had the other items already. I love the glow the jar gives off. I can just imagine a room full of these or perhaps a row of jars outside on the deck or porch. You could even hang some from the trees! Use your imagination!

So, here's how I made my glitter solar jar! Have fun!


You Will Need:

  • glass jar with glass see-thru lid
  • solar light
  • glitter glue (I used Elmer's 3D glitter glue)
  • paint brush
  • hot glue gun



  1. Remove solar top from yard stake.
  2. Remove glass lid and clean with a paper towel.
  3. Dab hot glue around solar panel making sure not to get glue on the panel itself.
  4. Center in lid and press down.
  5. Next wipe out the glass jar to remove fingerprints and other residue.
  6. Take paintbrush and dip into glitter glue.
  7. Paint glitter glue all over the inside of the jar using whatever technique you prefer. (I covered the inside with smooth up and down strokes at first, then I went back and swirled it around before it dried).
  8. Let everything dry then put the lid on and place it in a sunny spot so it can soak up that light!
  9. At night marvel at its prettiness! Oooo...Ahhhh...

Instead of glitter try these...

  • frosted spray paint
  • plastic flowers and Mod Podge
  • colorful glass chunks
  • tissue paper

Use your imagination!!!


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    • EclecticFusion profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Rebecca, thanks! I put the jar in my bedroom last night and it glowed all night! Great nightlight!

    • EclecticFusion profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Michele, I hope you enjoy making them! I already want to make more using different materials! Thanks for the comment!

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Cool.I Have some of those solar stakes. I love the glitter glue idea!

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 5 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Hi, love this hub. If you don't mind I am going to print it out. It is going to be easier that way. This hub makes me want to make one :)

      Thanks for the hub!