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How To Make A Glowing "Square Flow" Effect In GIMP 2.0

Updated on January 8, 2014

What Is It?

Alot of people have been asking me how I have made this awesome effect in a program such as GIMP 2.0. In this hub I will do exactly that.

First Step

For the first step we will create a new image. I have selected the default size of 640x480. Fill the background with a dark gray color. I used #202020.

Second Step

Make a new layer. We will select a "Fuzzy Brush" with a size of around 27.0. Make sure the primary color for the brush is white then draw a nice line through the image, making sure it "flows".

Third Step

Next we will go to Filters > Artistic > Cubism. Match the settings from my image to your dialogue if you want the same effect.

Fourth Step

Duplicate the line layer 3 times. Starting from the bottom most line layer apply a "Gaussian Blur" of 125px. On the second from bottom line layer apply a "Gaussian Blur" of around 8px. This is now the beginning of the "Glowing" effect.

Fifth And Final Step

Create a new layer. Select a large fuzzy brush of around 120px in size. Select a couple neon colors. I'll do green and blue. Brush them in and then give that layer a Gaussian Blur of 125px. Go to Layer Mode and set that layers mode to "Color".


This is a fairly simple effect and it supplies a very, very attractive end result. I use it in many of my webdesigns and what not.

Credits: PixelBanter - Internet Technology Forum - Gaming - Graphic Design - Web Design

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Do You Want To See More GIMP 2.0 Guides From Me? (PixelBanter)

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