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How To Make A Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Updated on November 4, 2014

Things I Love About This Project

  • Crafting Level: Easy
  • Super Affordable
  • Easy to Personalize
  • Can Be Made as Gift

Anyone who follows the online crafting world has seen the beautiful modern yarn wrapped wreaths on blogs, tutorials, and even other hubs. I decided to add my method to the mix with this quick tutorial. I chose to break it up into two steps that will teach you how to make the beautiful wreath shown above. I encourage you to try new methods and give the wreath your own personal touches, you cannot go wrong when crafting.

Step 1 Supplies

  • Styrofoam wreath (Can sometimes be found at the dollar store)
  • Yarn (I chose a multicolored one, but you can choose solid or even multiple solids)
  • Scissors

Wrapping Your Wreath

Begin by tying the free end of the yarn around a starting point of the wreath, leaving a short tail. Begin wrapping the wreath with the yarn by placing the entire spool of yarn through the middle of the wreath. I found this was easiest when you wrapped loosely several times, then pushed the wrapped pieces together. I have also seen other bloggers cut the circular wreath and then glue it back together when they were finished, but I didn't feel this was necessary. Keeping the wreath intact was not difficult if I didn't give the yarn too much slack and used the method described earlier.

Wrapping your wreath is the most time consuming part of the project but is easy to do while watching your favorite show or browsing Hubs! The picture right shows my wreath halfway through the wrapping process. If you run into problems of the yarn bunching, or the wraps getting out of order try twisting the yarn around the wreath to loosen or tighten.

When you have wrapped your wreath completely and have smoothed out any bumps. tie the yarn to the tail that we left it the beginning. After tying this knot tightly I wrapped they yarn around the knot and most of the tail several times and then tied a second knot before trimming off any excess. Now you have a beautiful fully wrapped wreath. You could leave it as is for a minimalist look, or move on two Step 2 to embellish your wreath.


Step 2 Supplies

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral Wire Cutters
  • Buttons (or other embellishments)
  • Silk Flowers (you can also make felt, tissue or fabric flowers)


Always lay out the design of your embellishments before adhering them to be sure you'll be happy with your finished product!

Decorating Your Wreath

Step 2 is where your creativity can really be put to good use. The embellishments I chose were 2 orange/red silk flowers and 6 buttons that I already had on hand in my craft supplies. I encourage you to try out different ideas like felt or fabric flowers. You might even want to use chipboard or wooden letters to spell out "Welcome" or your last name.

To adhere the flowers I cut the stems off as close to the base as possible and applied hot glue to any spots that would come in contact with the wreath. Be sure to press down firmly and hold in place for several seconds to ensure they are secure. Repeat this with any other embellishments you wish to add.


This is my finished product, see right. I used a metal wreath hanger that I purchased at Walmart for about $2. I have also seen others use ribbon to hang theirs! Be creative, but most of all enjoy crafting! Love this wreath, but don't have the time to make it? Check out my Etsy store, link on profile. Or see Ebay results below.


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