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Bead and Wire Bangle Bracelets

Updated on January 16, 2017

How To Make Bead and Wire Bangle Bracelets

Making your own beaded bangle bracelets is great because you can choose the colors of the beads so they match your outfit.

Choose red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.

Pink and purple for Easter or green for St. Patrick's day.

You can have a bracelet for every Holiday.

Supplies Needed

You will need 6 mm plastic beads, in your choice of colors. Any size bead can be used but will result in more or less loops.

If using smaller beads you must use smaller wire. Make sure the hole in the bead is large enough for the wire to run through it twice.

Contrasting Color Accent Beads

24 gauge or thinner beading wire

Needle nose or jewelry pliers

Step 1

Cut a piece of bead wire that is 28" to 30" long. Put on 1 accent bead and wrap the wire around the bead . Leave about four inches loose. This will secure the beads while you are working.

Put 8 - 6mm beads onto the wire. Bring the wire end back up and push it down through the first 4 beads that you put on. Pull it tight to form a circle. This is circle number one.

Steps 1 and 2

Beginning the Beadwork
Beginning the Beadwork
Insert the wire back through the first four beads.
Insert the wire back through the first four beads.

Steps 3 and 4

First finished bead loop.
First finished bead loop.
Beginning the second bead loop.
Beginning the second bead loop.

Steps 2 and 3

Step 2

Add another accent bead and 8 more 6 mm beads. Put the wire back down through the first 4 beads that you just put on. Pull it tightly to form circle number two.

Step 3

Add another accent bead and 8 more 6 mm beads, the same as in circle number two. Continue this process until you have completed 8 circles with an accent bead in between each one.

Step 4

When the eight circles are completed, add 1 accent bead and 1 - 6 mm bead.

Loosen the wire on the opposite end and put the ends of that wire through the bead. Make sure both wire ends are fed through the extra bead.

Step 5 and finish.

Continue making loops.
Continue making loops.
Finishing the bracelet.
Finishing the bracelet.

Step 5

Wrap the ends of the wire around the wire on both sides of the extra bead.

Trim the ends of the wire and mash them down, so there is no sharp wire sticking out from the bracelet.

If there is a short piece of wire left sticking out insert it into the accent bead.

The Finished Bracelet

Finished 6 loop bracelet.
Finished 6 loop bracelet.

Tips for Success

Authors note:( For the purposes of illustration I have used 8 mm beads which results in fewer loops.)

Something to remember is that all wrists are not the same size. Many women have larger wrists and it is sometimes hard for them to find bracelets that fit.

If you plan to make these to sell at craft shows or bazaars; make a good variety of sizes and colors. Also use different shape beads. Children's bracelet's can be made with specific charms or animal figures. Sports beads are also popular. If you are making them for church bazaars you can use crosses and other religious charms.

The regular size for bracelets is 7 inches. Making some larger and some smaller will ensure you can provide all customers with a beautiful bracelet that fits.

Custom bracelets are always in demand . Use a simple sewing tape measure to measure the wrist. Add one to one and half inches to the measurement so that it will slide over the wrist.

Also try using different types of beads or even gemstone beads. The gemstone beads will be more profitable. Gemstone beads and silver or gold charms will sell fast.


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    • profile image 7 years ago

      Well written and very detailed. Thanks!

    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 7 years ago from Virginia

      Anyone who can't understand these instructions needs to learn how to read first.

    • SwaggeretteMom profile image

      SwaggeretteMom 7 years ago from Texas City

      if you could take pictures to place in between each section of instruction it would help a lot because many peole need to see things visually, and it would help prevent mistakes as well. Good job with instructions though!


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