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Save Money, Get Creative and Get Fit By Making Driftwood Art

Updated on June 22, 2012
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Through her passion for writing and coaching, Rachael shares her experience and support in the journey of loving an addict.

If you visit Pinterest, or any craft/hobby blog, you might notice that repurposing, recycling (or up-cycling as it is often called) re-loving used items is becoming very popular.

And I can see why.

In a world where so many things seem to be disposable, throw away consumables, it's refreshing to see use being made of items that have already been used, or originally had one purpose that is now complete.

You can re-purpose a lot of things.

Some of the most popular items to be up-cycled at the moment include old shipping pallets, pre-loved furniture and driftwood.

Now I'm sure driftwood has been used for hundreds of thousands of years for many things, sometimes as basic as simply keeping us warm on a fire, but it has definitely made a big leap into the consumer world lately. Go into any boutique home store and you'll like find a heart, cross, mirror or lamp made with driftwood. People love them!!

And it's incredible the money they will pay, for beach wood, made into an ornament or household item.

But you don't have to.

If you fancy a bit of driftwood art in your home, don't go out and buy it. Make it yourself.

It is easy, fun and you'll get a bit of exercise in as a bonus.

Here's how:

Sourcing Your Materials

As the name suggests, for driftwood art you are going to need driftwood.

Sometimes also known as beach wood, driftwood is usually easy enough to find on any beach.

The great thing about sourcing driftwood is that it's an excellent excuse to get in some exercise and fresh air. And if you live by the beach, you can make it a regular habit that will end up in not just getting healthier, but having a great supply of materials too!

Choose pieces of driftwood that have interesting shapes and sizes, or pieces that will work in perfectly with your chosen project.

Some driftwood art creators only use pieces that have been rounded by the sea, and have no sharp broken edges. Others take their driftwood what ever way it comes.

Collect as many pieces as you can find, or need, and start thinking about how they will come together to create driftwood art.

Preparing The Driftwood

The driftwood that comes from the sea has spent time in salt water so should be reasonably clean.

Any driftwood found from the rivers may need cleaning of any algae or the likes.

Either way, it's a good idea to soak and rinse the wood in clean water to get rid of any sand, dirt or bugs.

Then put your wood out in the sun, or in a warm place to dry completely.

Once it is fully dry you will see the natural colours and types of the different woods and it is ready to use.


What To Make?

The options for driftwood are endless.

Common creations include:

  • Mirror Frames
  • Picture Frames
  • Lamp Stands
  • Ornamental Shapes
  • Tea Light Holders

Hanging Displays

Really the only limitation, is your imagination. Often it's the pieces of wood you find, that decide what you should make.

So don't leave all that wonderful wood to sit doing nothing on the beach. Repurpose it, upcycle it, create and inspire with it.

Nature has provided this wonderful resource, so why not play with it?


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