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How To Make Gorgeous Snowflakes & Tips On Decorating With Them

Updated on December 5, 2009

How to Fold and Cut Paper To Make Your Snowflakes. Written directions are below graphics

Directions for folding and cutting paper for snowflakes
Directions for folding and cutting paper for snowflakes

Making Your Snowflakes

Fig. #1 Take a single sheet of 20lb white printer paper and fold in half.

Fig. #2 Once you have the paper in half, fold in half again as shown.

Fig. #3 Turn your folded paper so the edges are as shown. Then take the right corner and fold over to align with the left edge and crease.

Fig. #4 Your paper should now look like picture shown

Fig. #5 Now flip it over to the right as shown and fold the edges on the right side to meet the left, line up and crease.

Fig. #6 You should now have your paper folded to look like the picture shown. There will be two layers of folds showing. Cut along the layer shown.

Fig. #7 Now you are ready to start cutting and designing your snowflake. You can cut along both sides of folds but make sure you leave a bit of the fold intact between each cut. If you don't, your snowflake will fall apart.


1. Once you have made your cuts you can gently unfold your snowflake to see what it looks like. I must warn you that these are very addictive because no two will ever be alike and the more creative you are with your cuts the more detailed and unusual your snowflakes will be.

2. After you have opened them up flatten them with your hand and place them on the counter with a dry dishtowel under them or place them on an ironing board.

3. Next turn your iron on medium. While the iron is heating place another lightweight towel over the snowflakes. NOTE: Iron only one snowflake at a time.

4. Gently place and hold the iron over different areas of the snow flake for a few seconds and then slowly iron over them. This will flatten them and remove most of the creases. Lift the towel and check your progress. Once you are satisfied that you have ironed out all the creases you possibly can, lay the ironed snowflake aside and start on another one using the same process.

5. Now that you have all your snow flakes ironed you are ready to have even more fun with them so read on below for some great ideas.

Finished Handmade Snowflakes

A few of my favorite Snowflakes
A few of my favorite Snowflakes

What To Do With Your Finished Snowflakes

 Now that you have got your snowflakes finished there are quite a few decorative things to do with them. Here are a few suggestions that I have done myself:

  1.  If you want to preserve them, laminate the front and back with clear contact paper and trim around the outer edges.

  2.  Use the laminated ones to hang from the ceiling with thread or use as window decorations.

  3.  Place plain snowflakes on colored construction paper and laminate front and back. Trim the edges with decorative edged scissors. Use as holiday place mats or smaller sizes for coasters.

  4.  Decoupage them to the underside of a glass plate or platter. Let that dry then brush more decoupage onto the exposed glass around them. Sprinkle with glitter. Once that dries apply a couple more coats to have a beautiful serving tray or plate.

  5.  Using the same technique as in #4 attach snowflakes to the inside or outside of a glass bowl, preferably a round fish bowl then fill with brightly colored Christmas bulbs or a large candle.

  6.  Paste onto plain colored wrapping paper or gift bags to give them an extra punch.

  7.  Cut them out of different colored paper, add glitter or other embelishments  then coat with  about three or four coats of water base polyurethane front and back then use as decorations for your tree. These too can also be used as coasters.

  8.  Paste them around large plain holiday candles.

  9.  Use them to separate layers of fudge or cookies in gift tins for a more festive appearance.

10.  Let your imagination soar and create your own festive  and fun uses for these beautiful one of a kind snowflakes.        

     Thanks for Looking. I hope you have enjoyed this page and will have lots of fun.




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    • profile image

      anythingartzy 6 years ago

      Danielle, That's a great Idea!

    • profile image

      danielle 6 years ago

      i like to make them and put them still folded into our christmas cards!

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      I have to warn you it's addictive because once you get the hang of it and see that everyone is different you won't want to stop. the curiosity is overwhelming. lol

    • Isabelle22 profile image

      Isabelle22 8 years ago from Somewhere on the coastline

      This is an awesome idea am going to give this a go