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How To Make Homemade Rubber Band Guns

Updated on April 20, 2015

How To Make Rubber Band Guns

Have you been reminiscing about your childhood school days? Remember the different ways you use to shoot stuff at each other. Perhaps the most creative way school kids used to play was by shooting rubber bands at each other. Learning how to make homemade rubber band guns can be a fun way for you and your child to bond or even just a fun project you can take on to feel like a child again.

How To Make A Rubber Band Gun For Free

To make this gun, you only need some rubber bands. This rubber band gun is one you will make with just your hand and a rubber band. I understand that a rubber band is not free, but most people have some rubber bands lying around and you can buy a pound of rubber bands for $3.

First way to make a rubber band gun:

  • Form your index finger and thumb into an L shape.
  • Wrap the rubber band around the outside of you thumb.
  • Stretch the rubber band so that the other side of the rubber band is on the tip of your index finger.
  • Quickly lower your thumb so that it is parallel to your index finger.

This rubber band gun won't have the most bang (especially if you have a long rubber band), but it is very accurate.

Second way to make a rubber band gun:

  • Form your hand so that all your fingers are out and parallel to each.
  • Pull your pinky finger in like you're trying to grip something.
  • Wrap the rubber band around your pinky finger.
  • Bring the other end of the rubber band around the outside of your hand.
  • Place the other end of the rubber band on the tip of your index finger.
  • Straighten your pinky finger out and watch the rubber band fly!

This rubber band gun has a little more umph, but isn't the most accurate.

Very Dorky But Effective Rubber Band Gun Making Tutorial

Rubber Band Guns Plans

How to make homemade rubber band guns out of wood:

  • You will first need a piece of wood that is 1" thick and 2" wide, a clothespin, a clamp, a few 1/4" dowels, tiny screws, and some wood glue.
  • Cut the wood into a 3" long piece and a 9" piece. The 3" piece of wood will be the handle of the rubber band gun and the 9" piece will be the actual barrel of the gun.
  • Cut a notch in the 9" piece of wood at the end of the gun barrel, where the rubber band will sit. This should be near the top of the end of the barrel. On the opposite side of the barrel you may want to chamfer or round the corner of the barrel so that the rubber band doesn't hit the barrel when fired.
  • Drill a hole in both the 9" and 3" pieces of wood where they will connect together. Place the dowel into each hole and connect the two piece to make sure that everything worked out right. Once you are comfortable with the setup, apply the wood glue to both holes, place the two pieces together with the dowel joining them, and clamp the two pieces of wood together for a few hours.
  • Place the clothespin on the side of the handle of the gun where your palm would be resting. The orientation should be with the actual closing portion of the clothespin facing upward. Make the bottom of the clothespin flush with the bottom of the gun handle and either drill two holes, apply wood glue, and place two dowels or use two tiny screws to connect the clothespin to the handle.
  • To use the gun, place one side of the rubber band onto the notch and the other side into the closing portion of the clothespin. When holding the gun, release the clothespin and watch the rubber band fly!

As with all projectiles, never aim at the face and BE CAREFUL!

Very Awesome Homemade Rubber Band Guns

Rubber Band Gun War Poll

Did you ever have rubber band wars?

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    • poisonx3girlx3 profile image

      poisonx3girlx3 5 years ago from Cottage Grove, Oregon

      My boyfriend and I have been in search of a rubber band gun for a while now. We have searched many toy stores, hobby stores, and anywhere else that seems it might be remotely possible to find one at. Nothing. We'll we have to consider this. Thank you.

    • dipsmi profile image

      dipsmi 6 years ago from Plymouth, Minnisota

      made me remember my childhood!