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Simple Easy Origami Rabbit (with step by step images)

Updated on September 7, 2012

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There would be only a few of us who do not know how to make origami, or at least the basics of Origami. It is a fascinating hobby when you know how to make origami. Originating mainly from Japan, origami is the art of making different forms with papers. Simple easy origami can be a great way to pass your leisure time or simply just to have some quality time with your kids. Believe me, kids love to make origami, as well be taught about how to make origami!

You would be astounded how many varieties of simple easy origami forms you can make with origami papers. Or better I say, there is almost nothing you CAN NOT make with origami papers! Among the thousands of them here I will be sharing how to make origami rabbit.

How to make a simple, easy origami rabbit:

First, take a square shaped origami paper to make this simple easy origami rabbit.

Fold the square paper along two corners.

It should take the shape of a triangle just like this.

Next for this simple easy origami rabbit, Unfold the paper, and then fold two sides of the paper so that they meet the crease line in the center.

Fold the bottom tip as shown in picture to go further with the simple easy origami rabbit.

The next step for a simple easy origami rabbit would be folding the tip back again, about half way.

Fold it in exact two halves for your simple easy origami rabbit.

1. Now start cutting along the mid line, starting from the opposite tip about one-third of the whole length.

Ok, here's one simple question!

Would you like to try it?

See results

Fold one-half of the cut ends as shown in the picture.

Do the same with the other half.

Now take a pen, and draw eyes on both halves.

As you have made the primary shapes of the ears, take press one finger inside each ear to give the ears of this simple easy origami rabbit a puffier look.

Viola! Here you have your simple easy origami rabbit!


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