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How To Paint A Rose

Updated on February 19, 2011

Painting roses can be a fun experience. It is soothing to see this wonderful creation of nature. Roses are one of the world’s most beautiful flowers. Painting the rose is done with paint layering and blending techniques. There are many options available when painting. You can find a multitude of references and tutorials online on how to paint roses. You can find interactive tutorials on Youtube. Most of the tutorials follow similar instructions and techniques. My favorite sites on painting roses are:

How To Paint A Rose

How To Paint A Rose-Paintings By Marjorie


1) Start by coming up with ideas on how you want your rose to appear. Use a reliable photo as a reference. You can also use real rose.

2) Sketch an outline of your rose. Use a pencil. Draw the petals of the rose as a pentagon, or a five sided shape. Place the petals around the bud in a circular fashion. The outside petals should be larger. The stems can be drawn with two curved strait lines for each stem. Thorns can be added with little curvy cones on the stems. Draw the leaves with diamond shapes. Leaf veins can be added with a small line in the center of each leaf. Repeat t this procedure if you want to add more roses.

3) Mix some water and magenta paint. This will act as the base coat. Start painting the petals with a medium sized brush. Apply the first petal in a curved "C" shape. Add other petals. You can slightly overlap them at the edge to give a realistic feel.

4) Paint the stem and leaves. Use a dark green. Afterwards, add a lighter yellowish green. Blend the two colors together by pushing the wet brush from the edges of the leaves to the center of each leaf.

5) Add some light yellow to the left hand side of the stems and the top of the leaves. Use a pointed brush. This will act as a highlight.

6) Blend some pink paint into the magenta by gently pushing the wet brush towards the center of the rose. Repeat this process for these for each petal.

7) Paint the thorns and sides of the stem with brown paint. This can be done by using a fine pointed brush.

8) Add other shadows and highlights to the appropriate areas.


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