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How To Prevent Your Paint Brush From Getting Hard

Updated on February 12, 2011

How To Prevent Your Paint Brush From Getting Hard

It is frustrating to have a hard paint brush. Hard bristles will make it almost impossible to paint properly. Hard brushes will cause hair bristles to tear easily and make scratches on your canvas. To avoid having hard bristles there are many precautions you can take.

-Wash your brush and coat with some soap, such as liquid detergent. Then, let the brush stand to dry. After, wrap the brush in tin foil. This will allow it to dry more slowly and keep the brush air-tight, therefore making the brushes softer.

-Always keep your brush soaked in water when you are painting. Most people take a break from painting and leave the brush on a table, chair or palette. This causes the bristles to become hard. Your brush should continuously be soaked

-Soak your brush in hot water and vinegar.

-Take a cloth and dab your brush with mineral oil.

-Wipe your brush with a gentle cleanser or bleach.

-Apply conditioner to your brush and rinse.

-Soak your brush in warm to hot water overnight.

-Wash your brush. Wrap your brush in plastic and put it in the freezer until needed.


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How To Prevent Your Paint Brush From Getting Hard

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