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How To Recycle Crayons

Updated on July 8, 2016

Crayon Papers


A Fun Project-Crayons The Second Time Around

This was a fun project to do with the grand kids. And a learning experience as well.

They learned how to recycle crayons, and that some things could be used again in another way and that many items could be re-purposed. This is a fun project do for any age from very young to grandmas. Supervision Required.

What We Used

1. We collected all of the broken crayons. And even some that weren't broken but were no longer being used.

2. We Peeled away the paper, in doing so, we found that the Crayola brand crayon papers were much easier to remove then some of the off brand crayons. They children were getting frustrated because some of the off brand papers were really hard to peel off.

3. The crayons were then placed in a muffin tin that we had lined with cupcake papers. For easier clean up.

4. We then fill the paper liners about 1/3 full of broken crayon pieces...

You can fill each one with a different color or mix the colors..The children wanted to mix the colors.

Newly Recycled



4. They were then placed in a 300 degree oven until completely melted. It took about 40 minutes.

5.They were then set aside to cool.

6. After they had cooled and set we had found they were stuck to the muffin tins and would not budge. I put the muffin tin in the freezer for about 30 minutes, and wella they popped right out.

7.We then peeled away the paper liners and were good to go.

Happy Kids

The kids were happy with the results and were ready to move on to the next project.

Nathan's Colorful Leaf Art Work


Coloring Over Leaves

They had so much fun coloring over leaves and watching the colors change. It was awesome seeing the fun colors . It was almost like watching leaves change to fall before our eyes.

1. We collected leaves from the garden, picking different shapes and sizes.

2. Next the leaves were set on to[p of a sheet of paper.

3. Anther sheet of plain white paper was placed over the top of the leaves.

4. The children then used their newly made cupcake crayons to color over the paper, in doing so the leaf impressions came through.

The children were amazed at the transformation, and seeing the different color changes.

They had to really put a lot of pressure on the crayon to pick up the leaf impressions.

Maddie's Colorful Leaf Art


Crayon Canvas Art


Melting Crayons

Melted Crayon Art On Canvas

These gorgeous melted crayon works of art have been all over the Internet. They’re not that hard to make and really fun, although they take a lot of time and can get boring (do it with a crafty friend if you can). IStephanie put together an easy step by step photo tutorial to help you make your own:

Follow along with Stephanie at her blog, 52 Kitchen Adventures . She will take you on a fun and easy step by step tutorial. Where you will learn to create your own original piece of art. The steps are precise and the pictures are sharp and colorful...

Melting crayons on canvas is a fun and interesting form of art.

It easy and takes very few materials...It is however a slow process, so you will need patience. But you will end up with a great piece of art work.

Crayon Candle


Marble Crayon Candles!

Crayon Candle

Mama had been waiting to try this for ages, Now that she has finally saved up enough crayons from restaurants, and goody bags . This took a while , it was a true nap time creation from the time her son fell asleep until she heard “Mama I’m up” almost 3 hours later. So block off some time without little hands before starting this project.

That having been said she has completed her candle and it is a true work of art..

An we are so lucky that she is taking us on a step by step tutorial on how it is done..

Come on let's go..

Well, hop on over to No Time For Flash Cards..and join in the fun..

Or watch the video to learn how to make Crayon Tea Light Candles..



Another fun project would be to make these really cute and simple Christmas Ornaments using clear bulbs and melted crayon

Crayon Ornaments

This was a fun project to do with the grand kids. And a learning experience as well.

They learned how to recycle crayons, and that some things could be used again in another way and that many items could be re-purposed. This is a fun project do for any age from very young to grandmas. Supervision Required.


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