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How To Remove and Prevent Dried Up Paint From Building Up On Your Paint Brush

Updated on February 12, 2011

How to Remove and Prevent Dried Paint from Building Up On Your Paint Brush

Often times, people complain that their paint brushes are too hard and have dried up paint on them. This makes it very difficult to paint with.To prevent this from happening, there are many precautions you can take.

Place Your Brush Bristles In Paint Thinner

This is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted dried up paint. You can fill a cup with paint thinner and place your brush in there for a while (about an hour). Once the excess paint has loosened, you can take a paper towel and wipe the excess paint thinner off.

Place Your Brush Bristles In Vinegar Or Alcohol

You can try to place your brushes in white vinegar or denatured alcohol. However, these solutions are less effective than using paint thinner.

Let Your Brush Soak In Water

Always make sure that your brush is in water. When you are taking a break from painting, make sure that your brush is in a cup of water. Most people leave their brushes on the palette or on a chair or table. Leaving a brush in open air (even for a few minutes) will make the bristles hard and will cause dried paint to build up on your bristles. Make sure that your paint brush is always soaked in water.

Let Stand Overnight

You can soak your brush in warm water overnight. When done, you can squeeze out excess water and let stand to dry.

Use Soap

You can try rinsing your brushes out with strong soap such as liquid detergent if just water is not enough. Swoosh your brush around in cup of liquid detergent and wash out.

Use Acetone

You can soak your brushes in acetone. Acetone, which is commonly found in nail polish remover, can be substituted for a paint remover.





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How To Remove And Prevent Dried Up Paint From Building Up On Your Paintbrush

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