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How To Tie Dye?

Updated on October 22, 2011

Dyes are substances that people use to colour textiles and other materials. Some dyes come from plants. Cochineal, a red dye, comes from the cochineal insect. To dye an object, dip it in water containing dissolved dye. If dyes are fast, the object will keep its colour no matter how often you wash it.

There are many beautiful ways of dyeing fabric. You can make beautiful and attractive patterns on your clothes. It's an interesting way to pass time and quite simple too. So let us see how it is done.

Things you need

  • Dyes. Colours like yellow, blue, red, orange, maroon and green look splendid.
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Pan
  • Thick thread
  • A bowl filled with chilled water.
  • Plain white cloth on which you have to do your tie and dye.

Getting started

You tie the thread to your cloth and then dye it. When the dye is dried, you take off the threads and you find that there is a beautiful design on your cloth. This is because the dye has not come on those areas where you have tied the thread. That is how you get beautiful designs.

First spread the cloth you wish to dye on the floor and make small dots with the pencil leaving ample spaces amongst them. Now pick up the pencil dot in a pinch and tie it with thread. Give the thread many turns in order to cover the cloth so that it may be covered and would not get colour on it, tie the thread very tightly. Tie each and every dot in the same manner. Remember to leave proper spaces amongst each tied dot.


In a pan, boil one cup water, add half a tea spoon salt and some die (about one tea spoon) this amount of dye depends on the shade of colour you want. If you want a light shade, add little dye and if you want your cloth to be dyed dark, you will obviously add more dye.

Dip your cloth in this boiling dye and stir it with a stick for a minute. Meanwhile keep the chilled water ready. Take the water out of the dyed cloth and immediately dip it into the chilled water.


After five minutes take the cloth out of the chilled water and keep it aside to be dried completely. Now, start opening the threads you tied. You will see that the colour has not reached on the tied portions. When you will untie all the threads, iron your cloth and find a beautiful piece of work.

There is also another method of dyeing called "MARBLING". To do this, shrink the cloth with your hands in a haphazard manner and tie the thread tightly to make a dense small ball. Dye it with the above mentioned method.

When you think you are expert in dyeing with one colour, you can also dye in two or even more than two colours.

It's a fun and very interesting so do try it out!


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    • harziz profile image

      harziz 7 years ago

      useful instructions, thanks