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How to Create a March Wreath

Updated on February 14, 2018
Charlotte Doyle profile image

Charlotte is an artist, freelance writer, wife, homeschooling mother, and college student pursuing a Master's degree in psychology.

A wreath made by Amanda by AFewShortCuts.
A wreath made by Amanda by AFewShortCuts. | Source

It's time for greenery, Leprechauns, a bit of Irish luck and a dash of glitter and gold. March is another month closer to summer, but it deserves its wreath. Your home deserves a bit of sprucing up with a homemade wreath that is lovingly made. Also, it gives one the excuse to go out shopping, which might make a dreary, rain-filled day a fun activity! While perusing the craft store, or Dollar Store, take a look any March, seasonal or St. Patrick's day decor to get fresh ideas and a new perspective on the foundation of this wreath. The wreath is your own craft, there are no rules, but this serves as a guideline to help you create a gorgeous wreath!

Items Required:

-A Foam Circle
-Burlap, Green, or St. Patrick's Day Thick Ribbon
-Gold-sequined or brilliant green thin ribbon, or rick rack.
-Green Florals with some Baby Breath, and varying shades of green hues
-Wood Letters, much like Scrabble (These can be found online at popular retailers at reasonable prices. I was able to find great Scrabble pieces with many letters for around six dollars online.
-Large, glittery Green bow. St Patrick's theme bow may be used IF burlap is used on the foam circle. (This is to avoid a pattern overload, which can end up being too busy and unattractive!)
-Hot Glue Sticks and Hot Glue Gun
-Green or brown Floral Wire


1. Get a Foam Circle, and begin wrapping it with Burlap or Decorative Thick Ribbon. Start at one end of the ribbon, on a corner, dab some glue, and then begin wrapping with a slight overlap on the previous ribbon, always putting a few dabs of glue here and there to keep the wrapped portions in place.

2. After the thick burlap or ribbon is completed, begin to do the same thing with the smaller, thinner, bright ribbon and loosely wrap around the thick ribbon, as seen in the picture. You can leave the thin ribbon widely spaced, or make the space between the decorative ribbon a bit smaller. Glue and dab the ribbon as you go along to secure the ribbon on the thick burlap.

3. Use the green flowers, foliate and floral decorations to glue onto one side of the wreath. Use the hot glue gun and the floral wires to secure the flowers. Add any leaves first, and then baby's breath flowers, and finally, add the larger flowers. In place of a large central flower, a large beautiful bow can be added, and accented with smaller flowers. The image shows a few pieces of greenery, but this is going to be the highlight of the wreath, so make sure to add as much or as little pizzazz as you desire. Here, several kinds of greens with gold accents would look lovely and would be in line with the magical feel of March.

4. Take the wooden Scrabble tiles, and spell out any fun March word. Some ideas are Lucky, Pot Of Gold, Shamrock, Rainbow, or just March. Then glue the letters on a piece of gold or green ribbon or rick rack. After everything is fully dried, attach the whole length of the letter-filled ribbon or rick rack to the wreath itself, as in the picture. Attach a piece of rick rack trim or ribbon near the top of the wreath by forming a noose around the top of the wreath and gluing the ends together. You may not need to do this if you have good quality wreath hanger.

5. At the end of the craft, hang it up and take a look at it. Does it seem like something is missing? If so, consider adding a few more flowers on the upper end of the opposite side of the wreath. Consider adding a different kind of bow, or even different kinds of March or St. Patrick's day related decorations.

It's so easy to buy a pre-made wreath at the store, but it's so much more satisfying to hang up something that you put some love, care, and creativity in. When the wreath is done for the month, store it in a wreath hanger, or on a wreath rack in the garage or a closet to preserve the shape, color, and accessories of the wreath.

© 2018 Charlotte Doyle


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