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How to Draw Caricatures Using Simple Shapes

Updated on February 28, 2017
Kat Patch, my outlandish caricature.
Kat Patch, my outlandish caricature. | Source

A caricature is either a simplified or an over-exaggerated version of a character's features. For example, if the person you are mirroring for your caricature has a large mouth, you can draw huge almost inflated lips. If they have larger eyes, you can make eyes that appear almost fly like. Just make sure the caricature bears some resemblance to the person you are drawing them to represent. I love drawing caricatures.

The caricature I drew above is named Kat Patch.I chose the name based on her features, she is a mix between a cabbage patch kid and the Cheshire cat. Drawing caricatures really allow me to use my imagination. Characters drawn as caricatures tend to stand out more because of their outlandish appearance.

Things to Keep in Mind When Drawing a Caricature

1. Give your caricature's face an odd shape, something to make it look different and give it some character.

2. Exaggerate the lines, and features of your caricature's face but still manage to make them look like people.

3. Use your imagination, create a weird name, and look for your unique caricature.

4. Have fun!!!!! This one is the most important things.


Let's Get Started

Anyone can draw outlandish caricatures, it just takes patience, imagination and lots of practice. I started out drawing hearts, and flowers, but I soon realized that basic shapes can be used to make some pretty incredible masterpieces.

Below are a few tricks to keep in mind when drawing caricature-like faces.

1. Draw a perfect circle, this will be the base and starting point for your picture.

2. Section your circle into four perfect quarters, by drawing a cross in the middle, you may find it easier to use a ruler for this.

3. Draw a line halfway above the middle of the top part of your cross, and another halfway below your cross. These will be your guidelines so draw them lightly, so you can erase them later.

4. Now draw your jaw, and chin, make sure not to draw your jaw too much bigger than your circle.

5. Draw your bottom lip on the bottom of your circle and add a slight curve to make it look natural, then add your top lip and make it a little thinner.

6. Depending on your caricature's nose, draw a wide, or small V shape on the bottom line you drew, and add a curve around the ends of your V to give it the shape of a nose.

7. Draw a light line from your nose to where you're placing your eyes, and draw a line to the middle of the guideline you drew, and add a circle, we will do the bottom half later.

8. Draw your brows, try not to make them too thick, you can fill them in later.

9. Go back to your mouth and start adding details, like a bow on the upper lip.

10. Draw your nostril holes, make sure to shade lightly, if you fill them in too much, it will give your caricature a very unflattering look.

11. Now finish your bottom lids by drawing a slight curve, add eyelids and define the eyes a little better.

12. Now erase your light lines, and add hair, by pressing on the side of your lead lightly, to add shape and dimension to your hair.

It isn't that hard to become a great artist, and with the right mindset and determination, you are on your way.


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