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How to Draw Characters using Cartoon Sticks

Updated on September 21, 2012

Drawing stick figure is thought of as child’s arts, since it is usually the first style of human drawing children do. But some people actually make a living creating cartoon stick characters by adding their own unique. Being original is the key to being successful when creating stick cartoons. Stick figures cartoons are action lines with personality and attitude.

  1. Determine the action of the cartoon stick figure and create a line to represent the action. Over emphasize lines for added expression.
  2. Draw a circle and a line extending down from the bottom of the circle. Add lines to represent the arms, legs, feet and hands. An extremely simple technique but the hard part is being able to create a unique personality for your stick figure.
  3. Modify the straight lines such as curved legs to represent bow legs or zigzag legs to represent a shaky or wobbly character. Do away with the mid section altogether and have the legs go straight up to the head.
  4. Build up the stick character by adding a tie or a bowtie to the neck area. Have him carry a briefcase or pushing a big pen. Add a mid-section to represent clothing such as a triangle for a dress or a square with a line across the middle to represent shirts and pants.
  5. Create a personality by adding emotion and attitudes. Facial expressions are great for this. Just by changing the eyebrows, eyes and mouth you change the emotion. Try adding upward slanted eyebrows for a fierce look or eyebrows slanted down for a determined look. Big eyes and an open mouth signify surprise and an upside down U mouth shows sadness.


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